YouTube Ordered to Remove “Anti-Muslim” Film, Innocence Of Muslims

Remember that stupid film that was done almost two years ago called Innocence of Muslims? It was what the Obama administration claimed was the reason for the attack on the U.S. (CIA) Annex in Benghazi. This video apparently caused Muslims to react violently, because of how offensive this video was. It was offensive all right. But not in the way the administration made it out to be.

Everyone who had actually seen this video had to laugh and insist that any supposedly “serious” attention given to it by Obama officials must have been a complete joke.

Now, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered Google to remove the video from YouTube. YouTube has left this statement on the video:

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by an actress over her 5-second appearance in the video. A U.S. court has ordered Google to remove the video. We strongly disagree with this copyright ruling and will fight it.”

I wrote about how over-the-top absurd this “film” was back when Benghazi had just been attacked, and this video was being blamed:

This is pretty much the worst “anti-Muslim” film ever made. It is so bad, and the voice overdubs are so poor, it’s as if whoever put this together was trying desperately to make Christians look bad, not Muslims. Yes, the film involves a lot of statements about Muhammad being a “gay” bastard and portrays him as a bloodthirsty killer, polygamist and an overall buffoon. But all the Islamic and Muhammad references were overdubbed in “post-production,” and they sound like they could have been done by some 8th grader on Garage Band.

The film’s “trailer” begins in presumably present-day Egypt. But then, a few minutes in, it “non-sequitors” into the ancient Middle East somewhere, where an obvious green screen is used to supply a desert, a tent and a few camels in the background. The audio sounded like it was done in a bathroom, and the voice overdubs were even worse. Who in their right mind would give $5 million to someone who obviously had no idea what he was doing and who refused to use decent engineers? [The alleged director] Bacile claimed that he raised the money from “100 Jewish donors.”…

When you look at the background of this bizarre film, you’ll find out that it was originally called “Desert Warriors,” and it was going to be about what life was like in Egypt 2,000 years ago. Actors were hired to portray Egyptians, and the main character was named “George.” The other characters referred to him as “Master George.” But their dialogue was edited later to make is sound like it was about Muhammad. The actors involved are now denouncing the film because they say they had no idea that it was going to turn into an “anti-Muslim” video. One of the actresses said that initially, when she received a copy of the script, it had nothing to do with religion at all. The film apparently played once or twice at some run down LA theater last year, and it was dubbed a “historical Arabian desert adventure film.” A “Sam Bassiel” was listed as the producer…

We still don’t really know much about the alleged director/producer Sam Bacile, aka Mark Basseley Youssef, aka Nicola Bacily, aka Erwin Salameh, aka many other names. He spent a year in jail for probation violations, and now he’s living with some pastor in California.

Part of me wonders if they had to remove the video because of how embarrassingly bad it was. No one in his right mind would blame this video for anything. No one even knew anything about it until the media found it and randomly blamed Muslim violence on it. And then Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice and other Obama officials all joined in to condemn the video. I don’t think they had seen it. And now, no one will be able to see it to see how preposterous the Obama administration was in trying to tie this YouTube video to deadly riots halfway around the globe. As if Muslims need an excuse like that to do what already comes naturally to them.