Youth Misery Index the Worst Under Obama

According to the Youth Misery Index (apparently that’s a thing), Obama is the worst president ever as far as the well-being of young people is concerned. The Youth Misery Index has risen over 18.1 percent since Obama took office. That’s more than under any other president. An article in the College Fix uncovers the cruel irony of our hippest hipster president being the absolute worst president for hipsters. Bummer.

The Youth Misery Index measures youth unemployment, student debt on graduation, and national debt per person. While youth unemployment has gone down, student and individual debt under Obama has risen so astronomically that it completely overshadows the few extra jobs young people have been able to get.

And the unemployment numbers are likely very misleading. More and more employees are hiring part-time workers so they don’t have to pay higher wages and insurance for full-time workers. Consequently, in order to accomplish the work of a few full-time workers, companies are hiring a larger number of part-time workers—to everyone’s detriment. That skews the unemployment numbers (look at all the jobs I created!), but it doesn’t actually result in better or more productive employment. As Obamacare unleashes its full fury, I imagine the unemployment situation will only get worse. And the Youth Misery Index will be in an even more precipitous climb.

And the debt situation, irrespective of employment, really is debilitating. We are consuming the benefit and leaving the tab for our children to pay. Someone, perhaps Moses Henry Cass, said, “We do not inherit the world from our fathers; we borrow it from our children.” I would say we do both. According to the Youth Misery Index, we as parents will not leave this country better than we found it. We have made it worse. It seems the only inheritance our children will get from us is debt—a bankrupt government and a bankrupt culture.