Young Voters Turning Against Obamacare Will Mean Its Collapse By 2016

In 2008 and 2012, Barack Obama won the presidency with five key demographic groups: women, blacks, Hispanics, young and fraudulent voters.  A year after the last election, Obama has been losing a significant number of voters in several of those demographic groups, namely women and young voters.  In fact, some polls indicate that if the election were held this November instead of last year that Romney would easily defeat Obama and win the White House.

Those young people aren’t only abandoning their support for Obama as a politician, but they are also starting to abandon his flagship piece of legislation known as Obamacare.  Perhaps a bit of a surprise was learning that many younger people 18-29, said they were skeptical of Obamacare before the rollout, even though they supported Obama in the election.  Recent polls are indicating that the myriad of problems with have only helped to reinforce their skepticism of Obamacare.

Michael Dimock, Director of the Pew Research Center stated:

“The trend is daunting for the White House but not necessarily surprising.  Younger folks are part of Obama’s base … but the rollout confirmed concerns that were already in their minds.”

Earlier this week, Harvard University’s Institute of Politics poll revealed that more than 50% of 18-29 year olds say that Obamacare will increase their healthcare costs and that they disapprove of Obamacare in general.

This could loom as a huge problem for the Obama administration as the healthcare law relies on a large number of young healthy people enrolling into the system.  Young healthy people generally have much fewer medical needs and expenses meaning that their premiums are necessary to pay for the older more expensive people.  If millions of young people do not sign up for healthcare through an exchange program, it will lead to even higher premiums in the very near future, which could result in a spiraling effect that causes the entire Obamacare system to collapse in on itself and most likely take the rest of the US economy with it.

Dimock commented:

“You can’t take this generation for granted as coming through for Obama”

“They certainly voted for him by wide margins, but it doesn’t mean they’re persuaded that everything he’s doing is going to work for their benefit.”

The troubling trend has prompted President Obama to start promoting Obamacare enrollment.  At a youth summit held at the White House on Wednesday, Obama told those in attendance that the cost of an exchange plan is very affordable and only costs as much as a cable or cell phone bill.  He went on to say:

“Look, I do remember what it’s like being 27 or 28, and aside from the occasional basketball injury, most of the time I kind of felt like I had nothing to worry about.  Of course, that’s what most people think until they have something to worry about. But at that point, oftentimes it’s too late.”

It’s always been difficult for health or life insurance agents to sell policies to young people, trust me, I’ve tried selling life insurance years ago and more recently.  Many young people don’t believe they need to take on the added expense at their age for something that they feel won’t be needed for years.

The tax penalty for not having insurance this first year is only $95 and many young people are telling pollsters, like Gallup, that they would rather pay the tax penalty than pay the same amount every month for healthcare.

The White House is now scrambling and you can be assured that you will see more and more commercials and ads for Obamacare enrollment targeting younger people.  Obama is going to be spending a lot of time and energy trying to sell his failing healthcare program to America’s young adults.  If he can’t sell it to them, the entire system will begin to crumble in as little as a year and if that happens, there may not be an America to hold a presidential election in 2016.