You can Bring a Bomb to School, but not a Bible

Another school district is banning the distribution of Bibles. Last week, it was a district in Tennessee; this time, it’s one in Kansas. All they needed was one Atheist complaint and threat of a lawsuit, and the school district in Kansas cut off all ties to the Gideons who’d leave Bibles on a hallway table at the school. They were left there for students to pick up completely voluntarily, if they were interested. The school didn’t want to offend the Atheists or deal with a lawsuit filed by the American Humanist Association, so they put a stop to Bible distribution.

Compare those episodes with the one where Ahmed Mohamed brought a clock “invention” to school. The fourteen-year-old was arrested for bringing something that was made to look like a bomb. I don’t think anyone necessarily thought it was a bomb. But constructing something with the intention of making people think it was a bomb was itself a violation of the school’s policy. No one cared that the kid was a Muslim. If he had been a red-haired Irish Catholic named Killian O’Connor, he still would have been arrested. Of course, there would have been zero national media attention, and there would have certainly been no personal invite to the White House from President Obama.

The media and many politicians including the President tried to spin the story to suggest that officials and police in Irving, Texas where Ahmed went to school have an extremely “anti-Muslim” bias. Meanwhile, Ahmed and his family have moved to Qatar, where he’s free to take apart old digital clocks from the 80s and claim that he’s an “inventor.”

Now, the feds want school and law enforcement officials in Irving to be “re-educated.” The Daily Caller reported:

Back in September, nearly 30 members of the U.S. Congress called for a Justice Department investigation based on their belief that Mohamed had been “systematically profiled.” Police had handcuffed the 14-year-old teen, paraded him down a hallway in front of other students and then delivered him to a juvenile detention hall.

Irving Independent School District officials are busily collecting information in response to a letter they received in October from the Justice Department, reports The Dallas Morning News.

They asked for a number of things,” school district spokeswoman Lesley Weaver told the newspaper. “We’ve been gathering documents.”

Weaver indicated that the feds’ letter — which it has not made public — is unrelated to meetings involving the Justice Department’s community relations unit which have concerned allegations of widespread anti-Muslim bias in Irving.

Officials with the Justice Department’s community relations unit who have visited Irving have suggested in meetings that local teachers and police officers should be forced to submit to re-education workshops on the topic of religious tolerance, meeting attendees told the Morning News.

But what does all this tell you? It means that if a Muslim brings something to school that’s either intended to look like a bomb, or is a bomb, no one’s supposed to say anything, because that would be “Islamophobic” and would be considered “systematic profiling.” It would be hateful, bigoted and offensive to Muslims.

At the same time, you can’t distribute Bibles at government schools, because that’s offensive to Atheists. A Muslim can bring a bomb to school, but a Christian can’t hand out Bibles.