Wrong People Resigning Amid Scandals

When Operation Fast and Furious became national news, several top ranking members of the ATF resigned even though there is a substantial amount of evidence that the orders came from the White House and DOJ.

When the disaster of what took place in Benghazi, Libya became national news, a number of high ranking State Department officials resigned, although there is a ton of evidence that President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were responsible.

When the IRS scandal became national news, the IRS commissioner and several other IRS officials resigned, even though it appears that the orders for the IRS targeting came from the White House.

When the Obamacare failures became national news, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius eventually resigned, although everyone knows she was following orders from the White House.

When the White House was caught in multiple lies, Press Secretary Jay Carney resigned, although we all know he was following orders from his boss.

When the VA mistreatment of veterans hit the national news, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned even though evidence indicates that Obama knew about the issue and did nothing to correct it.

In each case, others have been sacrificed as scapegoats and forced to resign. If you notice, all of these scandals and resignations have one thing in common – the White House and President Barack Obama.

Forty years ago, another president was embroiled in only one major scandal. After it became apparent that he had tried to cover up the scandal and then obstructed justice by destroying evidence and lying to Congress and the American people, Richard M. Nixon resigned as President before he could be impeached.

They say history repeats itself and in this case, I wish it would. Barack H. Obama should be the one to resign in the wake of all of the scandals that have rocked his administration. It should be his head that is lowered in shame as he leaves the White House in disgrace. Obama is worse than Nixon. He has lied dozens more times than Nixon did and has repeatedly obstructed justice and defied Congress.

Perhaps if the Republicans win the Senate this November and maintain control of the House, Obama will see the writing on the wall of certain impeachment and follow the example of Nixon and resign in disgrace. However, I feel that Obama is too arrogant to believe it would ever happen to him and he will continue to disgrace the office of President and the American people.