Worst Gift Ever? Kerry Brings James Taylor to France to Apologize for Us

John Kerry finally made it to Paris on Friday and he brought his buddy James Taylor to give our official apology for missing the unity and solidarity march on Sunday. To say that this may have been the most awkward apology in foreign policy history … is probably a HUGE understatement. Instead of simply calling the French and saying “Hey, we’re sorry. We should have been there.” we bring them the sad stylings of James Taylor?

What is this 1968? Is John Kerry having flashbacks to his return home from Vietnam? Oh boy…

So, what song did Taylor sing… why, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” of course.


While it may have been corny… and more than a little weird, Taylor got a good reception and the French seem to have accepted our mea culpa’s. Let’s just hope we don’t see Kerry lugging Billy Joel to his next meeting with the Russians. Or David Hasselhoff the next time he has to apologize to the Germans for spying on them.