Why Won’t Conservatives Get Tough With Evil?

There’s a whole mosque-load of violence occurring right now in Egypt, where, in 2012, aided by the Obama administration, a new president came to town. But that president, Muhamed Morsi, was a leading member of the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood. Out with the bad, in with the worse.

Egyptian citizens, and even the Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF), didn’t like this Morsi fellow very much, however, so they deposed him 13 months later and now he sits in a prison cell. Until the country comes up with a new constitution, Adly Mansour is the acting president.

But the Muslim Brotherhood is still alive and kicking, or rock-throwing, and the police are cracking down. Brotherhood supporters are being tear-gassed, beaten, and killed (defensively). The lucky ones are being arrested.

Many conservatives—and I’m with them on this—applaud the force being used against Brotherhood supporters. The Brotherhood is bad for Egypt, as it (and Islam) is bad for the world. Egyptians recognize that and are literally fighting to save their country from those that would dissolve it into a primitive tribe of Muslim terrorists.

They aren’t sitting back on their laurels because the Brotherhood are not sitting back on their laurels. They can’t sit idly by if their enemies refuse to idle.

Unlike America’s Democratic Party, whose leader, President Obama, has always been cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood, even cutting hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Egypt in order to discourage Egypt’s military from fighting the terrorists in their country—unlike our Democrats, Republicans and conservatives oppose the Muslim Brotherhood. So, naturally, they support Egyptian police getting tough.

Why, then, do they not apply this same standard to America? There are lots of things in this degenerating country that are not just demeaning and undignified (think of…well, all the cultural rot foisted upon us by leftists), but that are truly harmful (again, cultural rot).

America, the land of lascivious parade-form odes to the deviant lifestyle, in which gays gallivant publicly while simulating obscene sexual acts upon one another before the once-innocent eyes of children, in whose hands and hearts is held this country’s forsaken future.

America, the bastion of bastards, those souvenirs of unwed encounters between two immature, hormone-driven “adults” who, at the age of 26, are still on their parents health-insurance policies (assuming they’ve not been canceled); of children whose fathers are unknown but who made darn sure to move as far away as possible from their offspring, where they can’t be called to their fatherly duties and can continue getting “booty calls” from the Shaniquas and the Trayvonicas.

America, where we slaughter our children en masse while they sleep in the womb, where is supposed to be the safest place for a child, but where, here in America, is one of the most dangerous.

America, where a race war is being fought by only one side and the victims remain passive for fear of…merely being called names, like “racist” and “bigot.”

Why do conservatives support the quashing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but not meeting America’s problems (the Muslim Brotherhood included) with such force? We acknowledge that other countries’ being pro-active in the defense of their homelands is virtuous, but when it comes to doing the same here in America, we say, “Oh, no, we can’t do that; it’d be against the Constitution.”

Does nobody else see a problem with that argument? Does nobody else see a problem with defending something that was created to protect a country, even though defending it now comes at the cost of great harm to the very country it was originally written to defend?