Woman Sues Abortion Clinic over Failed Procedure But Thankful For Miracle Daughter

Ariel Knights of the Akron, Ohio area has a medical condition known as uterine didelphys.  The condition causes a woman to have two uteri and two cervixes.  In many cases, one uterus and cervix is normal and stable while the second may be smaller and less stable.  A pregnancy in the smaller and less stable uterus could result in the uterus becoming detached which in turn could lead to massive bleeding and loss of life.

Knights has a son that was born without any problems from the stable uterus.  In early 2012, she was pregnant again, only this time, the baby was in her less stable uterus.  Her doctor told her that both the baby and her life could be threatened because of this.

The last thing she wanted to do was to abort her baby, and the thought of doing so caused her a great deal of concern and upset.  Finally, she realized that she had to be here for her young son, so as much as she didn’t want to, she went to an abortion clinic because of the threat on her own life.

On March 3, 2012, Knights went to the Akron Women’s Medical Group to have an abortion.  There were two doctors in attendance at the clinic who supposedly performed an abortion on her.  A week later, she discovered that she was still pregnant and became very frightened and concerned.

When she contacted the clinic, they referred her to a second clinic.  The second clinic refused to treat her saying they didn’t want to get involved with ‘somebody else’s mistake.’  Since the first clinic completely botched her first abortion, she was afraid to go back for a second procedure.

Knights spent the rest of her pregnancy living in fear of what might happen if her weaker uterus let go.  In time, she delivered a beautiful baby girl that she now calls her miracle baby.  She is extremely happy to have her little girl, but at the same time, she is quite upset about the treatment she received, or didn’t receive and the mental agony she had to endure during her pregnancy.

Now she is suing the first clinic for not carrying out a successful abortion and leaving her in almost paralyzing fear for the rest of her pregnancy.  The clinic claims no fault or negligence and wants the suit dismissed for a number of reasons.

If Knights was still pregnant after the first abortion, one has to ask what the doctor’s aborted?  Did they just go into the healthier uterus and remove nothing?  Obviously they didn’t do anything to the developing baby because the little girl was born healthy and whole.

This is just one of a growing list of cases involving incompetence and negligence on the part of the abortion industry in general.