Woman Shoots and Kills Armed Home Intruder

A Memphis, Tennessee woman got a knock at the door one evening recently around 6:20. Not expecting anyone and not knowing who it was, the woman grabbed her handgun as a precaution. When she opened the door, a man forced his way in and pressed his gun up against the woman’s neck. He wasn’t able to do much beyond that, because the woman shot him several times and killed him. The Blaze reported:

The suspect, identified as 22-year-old Nico Carlisle, reportedly forced his way into the residence and pressed a gun to the female homeowner’s neck.

However, the suspected criminal was seemingly unaware that the woman had retrieved her handgun before she went to investigate the knock at the door. Police say the woman then fired multiple shots at Carlisle in apparent self-defense.

Responding police officers found the suspect lying down near the front door with multiple gunshot wounds. Carlisle was eventually pronounced dead.

Police are reportedly still searching for a second man who is believed to be involved in the botched robbery.

WREG-TV reports that no charges have been filed against the homeowner.

If someone like Dianne Feinstein had her way, this woman would not have been able to obtain a handgun in the first place…for her own safety, of course. Feinstein and other like-minded individuals would likely quote some statistic about how most gun-owning women have their own guns used against them in these types of confrontations.

Mind you, it’s the same liberals who berate Republicans for their “war on women” who also talk about how weak and incapable women are when they’re holding a gun to defend themselves. They’d rather have the woman in this example above lose her life to a male, armed home intruder than give her a chance to defend herself, which she did successfully. And the guy was even armed himself. All gun control laws aim to do is disarm the populace, giving criminals the upper hand.