Wisconsin City Police Refuse to Enforce Public Park Gun Ban

It started when one “concerned” mother Heather Karenz posted to Facebook a picture of her son at the park. Adjacent to her son in the picture was a man with a gun on his hip. More than likely, it was just another parent watching his own kids at the park. But it alarmed this mother, and she wanted to know if open carrying a gun in a public park where kids are around was allowed.

It turned out that the city of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin has a ban on openly carried firearms in public parks. But thanks to gun rights advocacy group Wisconsin Carry, it was revealed that that particular city ordinance was invalid because of Wisconsin’s preemption laws on firearms.

AWR Hawkins with Breitbart reported:

…Chief Beguhn reviewed the local ordinance after Karenz’s complaint and found that the ordinance is no longer valid.

According to GunsSaveLives.net, the chief said the ordinance is invalid because of Wisconsin’s “preemption laws on firearms.” He has ordered signs banning guns to be taken down and pledged that he will not enforce the ban even while the signs are up.

Wisconsin Carry receives credit for bringing the Wisconsin “preemption” to everyone’s attention, and Chief Beguhn has followed up by choosing not to enforce an outdated ordinance.

People these days are brainwashed into being scared to death the moment they see some guy with a gun on his hip. I’m glad that this small city has a police chief that refuses to be ruled by people’s irrational emotions and fears over guns.