Will Same Sex Marriage Undermine Obama’s Loyal Muslim Outreach ?

“When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes” Quran 26:165

Not much has been reported on our Commander in Chief’s recent rocky expedition to meet the gods of “Big Oil.” I wonder if same sex marriage was discussed with Islamic leaders during President Obama’s recent trip to the Middle East. Probably not, since any talk of sanctioning homosexuality in Muslims circles might be cause for killing another U.S. Ambassador or fostering another unprovoked attack on America.

If we take the President’s assertions—claiming Guantanamo breeds Islamic aggression—seriously, wait until the world’s Islamic radicals sink their teeth into Big Satan’s coming normalization of deviant sexual behavior and same sex marriages. Wow, this is really going to put a kink in NASA’s efforts to normalize and expand President Barrack Hussein Obama’s U.S. Muslim outreach.

Personally, I have grown weary of the ongoing and relentless discussion distracting America from the long term social consequences of same sex marriage. However, given last night’s Fox News Bill O’Reilly debacle, I just wanted to highlight some easily forgotten realities for America’s compassionate conservatives and their LGBT friends and family.

“Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to” Quran 26:165

In case liberals have forgotten, the United States is at war with Islam. Islamists the world over despise America for its willingness to protect and defend morally repugnant behavior like Christianity, Judaism, and yes, LGBT lifestyles. I find it remarkably naive of the LGBT community to believe that Democrats, and their political messiah, Barrack Hussein Obama, are promising to deliver same sex marriage guarantees while attempting to corner the market on Muslim constituents. Hmmm.

The Quran explicitly condemns homosexual behavior. Enlightened American opinions and attitudes, diluted by an addiction for tolerance and fairness, have begun to accept LGBT lifestyles and gay marriage advocacy, but Muslims will always, by tradition, never accept the polishing of the gay image. Remember, there are no social or political ties for homosexuals in an Islamic society. There are no special interest lobbies nor media supported tolerance of gay advocacy, just punishment, torture and summary executions. Just ask Iran’s Ahmadinejad.  Somehow, that soon to be nuclear nation has managed to defy liberal ideological claims that sexual proclivity is not an acquired taste, but a product of birth.

Islam views homosexuality as an enemy. Muslims will never accept sophisticated and multifaceted liberal campaigns to change their core beliefs and views on sexual behavior and marriage. They laugh at American Psychiatric Association declarations removing homosexuality from the list of confirmed mental disorders. No, no, Islam is a stalwart defender of God’s natural law over scientific hypothesis and America’s LGBT communities fight for equal rights will come with a heavy price one day.

Liberalisms perfection of the “moral dodge” has swelled the ranks of Obama’s Democrat Party who have been courting Muslims since the times of Clinton and Gore. As they say, politics makes strange bedfellows. However, if I were a homosexual’ the last thing I would want to do is to climb in bed with an Islamist. That would be a very brief and painful dalliance.

President Obama is a man of great ideological conflicts. His masterful use of the “divide and conquer” strategy is well documented. Given his Islamic sympathies and his growing public embrace of the “great religion of Islam,” how will he, and more importantly, how will the Democrats soothe the moral conflict waiting to be revealed once same sex marriage and transgender parenting become the new American constitutional norm. Allah Akbar!

Perhaps Bill O’Reilly and his bubble headed bleach blond should have taken the time to examine the Muslim argument against same sex marriage instead of giving the Bible a good thumping. After all, Fox is in part owned by a Saudi Arab, so I’m sure the crew at fair and balanced television could provide a unique perspective on Islam’s genocidal relationship with homosexuality. Not to mention their support for the coming evaporation of morality in our Islamic tolerant liberal society. What say you Bill?