Will Obama’s Immigration Reform Cover Same Sex Partnerships?

As the U.S. Supreme Court deliberates the future definition of marriage under DOMA, sexual preference advocacy groups are gearing up for their next assault on normal in America. Gay communities all over America and the world have been lobbying to have their same sex relationships legally recognized in any U.S. Immigration Reform legislation. Once again, the LGBT community in America is nudging a sympathetic Obama Administration to soften Immigration standards for homosexuals seeking citizenship and Asylum to include same sex partnerships.

It should not come as a big surprise that many in the global community find homosexuality immoral and abhorrent. As a result, many homosexuals from the international LGBT community have come to the United States, become romantically involved, and overstayed their visa’s all to avoid some perceived sexual persecution by perceived gangs of homophobic Fascists. To avoid deportation, these people and there American partners are seeking to have U.S. Immigration Reform legislation recognize same sex relationships in America as grounds for citizenship and if that fails, they are asking for Asylum standards to be relaxed to include cases of sexual persecution.

Somehow, this conjures a disturbing vision. Imagine some guy, who looks like Bin Laden dressed like the Statue of Liberty marching down 34th Street during New York’s annual gay pride parade and you get my point. Allah Akbar! However, I digress.

To say that it is difficult for me to wrap my head around this whole issue is an understatement, but apparently, it is of paramount importance to the Obama Administration because they are considering pushing for some form of same sex partnership recognition in Immigration Reform law. Once again, an example of government attempting to fix a problem that does not exist by disregarding existing law to please some loud mouthed constituent claiming discrimination. After all, under Obama’s stewardship, political asylum is already granted for cases of homosexual persecution, the White House just don’t like to talk about it since it smacks of reverse discrimination and might change the Presidential optics with African American and conservative Hispanic voters.

Supposedly, the Supreme Court will render a decision this week regarding DOMA’s alleged violation of the equal protections clause of the U.S. Constitution. If the court rules DOMA, unconstitutional, gay marriage will be on its way to raising government deficits and debt for same sex spousal medical benefits and the tax code will undergo one more wordy revision. If not, the LGBT community will be looking to Immigration Reform for relief denied by an unfavorable Supreme Court ruling.

You might be a little concerned with some of the other Immigration law demands of our LGBT communities here in America. Somehow, some study, somewhere, actually it is from a gay advocacy group called “The Center” in New York City, has determined that gay immigrants are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and this too should be grounds for Asylum. You see the folks at “The Center” have determined that one man having sex with another causes trauma, which causes anxiety and mood disorders and puts gays at higher risk of HIV infection, substance abuse, domestic violence and other factors associated with disenfranchised communities. So the LGBT community is asking for changes to Asylum standards to include sexual disenfranchisement. My fellow straight Americans, we must not allow this to continue! This is shocking!

Again I am back to the “difficult to wrap my head around” stuff, but once again when it comes to the gay marriage argument logic always leaves the building. It reminds me of trying to have a conversation with a pregnant woman on the way to the hospital to deliver the baby. Sorry ladies, but it ain’t no picnic.

I hope that the Roberts Court have enough sense to recognize that homosexuals are not a unique race, creed, sex or ethnicity just men and women. Moreover, they have the same rights to marriage, citizenship, and Asylum as any other disenfranchised human being. A man cannot marry a man and a woman cannot marry a woman. Perhaps they should consider joining the club.