Will Obamacare Be Used To Punish Gun Owners?

What would Obamacare have to do with gun ownership?

Look no farther than the “Docs v. Glocks” court case.

“The issue before the court is whether a patient’s right to privacy and protection from doctors who ask inappropriate political questions about what firearms are in the family home trumps the health care providers’ rights to ask and to keep records of whatever they want. The Firearm Owners Privacy Act, which Gov. Rick Scott signed into law in June 2011, says that doctors should not ask families about whether they own guns. But if they choose to do so, and a patient feels the doctor has harassed or discriminated against them, he can file a complaint with the medical board so that the doctor’s peers can decide if the accusation is legitimate… The issue came about after repeated cases surfaced of children being asked by doctors if there was a gun in the home. During the legislative process, one mother said her pediatrician refused to continue treating her child if she did not respond to questions about firearms at home. A family reported being told that it was “a Medicaid necessity … to answer a firearms question.” Some parents said they were asked to leave the examining room so that the doctor could force their child to inform on them in secret.”

With Obamacare making every doctor’s visit a visit to an IRS-run data collection center, and with the state increasing its power to mandate nation-wide uniform practices, Obamacare effectively hands to the executive branch a new weapon to use to threaten people who are considering owning a firearm. It does more than turn doctors into spies for the government, and harassers. It makes doctors into spy recruiters who are incentivized to get children to report on the household.

The NRA appears to have seen this possibility, and got a provision included in the bill to eliminate this possibility. But so what? There was also a provision to include Congress and Congressional staff in Obamacare, and that got changed. There was a provision to being with employer mandates in 2014 and that got unilaterally changed so that Democrats would not face as much opposition during the 2014 election campaigns. Anything could change quite easily.

Plus, the government network could simply break the law and have no fear of serious consequences. The order to collect the data can obviously come from some politically-correct “professional” group, rather than being a direct edict from the Health and Human Services. Furthermore, we already know that multiple agencies and departments are completely happy to illegally and unconstitutionally collect data on US residents and keep such data collection secret, even to the point of lying. We can imagine what would happen. We would hear multiple anecdotes from “the right” (who else but a gun owner would care if they were asked about guns?), and officials would simply deny the reports. When James Clapper publicly lied about NSA spying, he was presenting a public example to other government agents. Unless we fight back, the only thing that can happen is that more government employees are going to lie more often.

Every single state legislature needs to enact some form of this law banning doctors from getting into the gun control business.