Will Marco Rubio be the Next GOP Presidential Candidate?

As the Republican Party is still licking their wounds from this month’s presidential defeat and trying to regroup to determine what’s next, perhaps one person already knows.

This past Saturday, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio attended a birthday fundraiser for Iowa Republican Governor Terry Branstad.  The theme of the fundraiser was ‘turn the page’ and ‘look to the future.’  Rubio had been asked to speak at the fundraiser back on September 1 with the hopes that Romney would have won and Rubio would be speaking to an emotionally charged up crowd.

Rubio told the audience that family life was essential to the nation’s economy and to the people.  He spoke of the importance of the middle class and their success was necessary for the success of the nation.  Unlike what is being taught in America’s liberal public school system, Rubio praised American exceptionalism and spoke about how important it was to return to that kind of America. He addressed the immigration problem and suggested that it needs to be revamped and fixed and then spoke of his own personal history being the son of immigrant parents.

Rubio spoke not of issues that pertained just to Iowa or Florida, but to the nation.  Many in attendance thought he spoke very presidential.  One attendee of the fundraiser, Doug Gross commented about Rubio’s speech saying:

“I heard a number of people indicate to me that, ‘My gosh, why wasn’t he on the ticket?’ And so that alone indicates to me that he’s a viable potential candidate for 2016.”

“Because his message was not demagoguery in any way. It was very thoughtful and on point and consistent – consistent with Republican philosophy, but also pushed us on things like immigration and education, to think about things in a different way.”

Rep. Steve King, the US Representative from Iowa also commented about Rubio’s talk:

“I have long said that when Marco Rubio speaks, he speaks to my heart in a way that’s, I think, unique, and that was true here tonight.”

“I was sitting next to our secretary of agriculture, Bill Northey, and he remarked on how when Marco Rubio talks about American exceptionalism, he does so in a way that we understand it, and it sweeps us up and makes us feel good and proud and also gives us a sense of goal and destiny.”

The list of comments of praise went on and on, and although afterwards, Rubio denied any suggestion that this was a precursor to his running in 2016, most people that attended believed otherwise.

Paul Ryan spoke eloquently as well and impressed many, but it seems the issue on this year’s GOP ticket was Romney and his moderatism.  Perhaps a Rubio – Ryan ticket in 2016 may just be strong enough to break the Democratic hold on the White House, and suggest you keep a watch on Rubio over the next few years to see if his value as a viable candidate goes up or down.