Will Elizabeth Warren be the Next Know Nothing Inexperienced President?

Barack Obama went from being a know-nothing social activist attorney to an Illinois state senator to US senator to president in a very short period of time. He had virtually no experience or knowledge of federal or international affairs as he went from state senator to president in only 4 years. It proves just how gullible and uninformed the American people are.

With the next presidential election a mere two years away, most people have already assumed that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in 2916. That is except the once powerful Kennedy family.

In 2008, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy threw their support behind Obama over Clinton and helped Obama win the White House. Ted Kennedy died in 2009 which resulted in some political gymnastics to fill the vacant seat.

The Massachusetts legislature had previously passed a law preventing Republican Gov. Mitt Romney from appointing a Republican to the remainder of Sen. John Kerry’s senate seat if he had won the 2004 presidential election. But when Ted Kennedy died in 2009, the Massachusetts legislature reversed that law to allow Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint Democrat Paul Kirk to Kennedy’s seat.

However, a special election was ordered and to the shock of the nation, Rep. Scott Brown won the senate seat that had been held by the Democrats since 1953. Brown was sworn in on Feb. 4, 2010.

Brown’s senate career was short lived when Elizabeth Warren came from nowhere to win the senate seat in 2012. She ran on a campaign of lies, misrepresenting herself and her alleged American Indian heritage. Her time at Harvard was also misrepresented and she was repeatedly shown to be a liar and a fraud, yet the people of Massachusetts voted her in anyway.

Although Warren has only held political office for 2 years, some members of the Kennedy family are already pushing for her to run against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. Believing that they still hold some ‘kingmaker’ role in Democratic politics, Ted Kennedy’s widow Ethel Kennedy and their son, former Rep. Joe Kennedy think Elizabeth Warren would make a better president than Hillary Clinton.

Warren has absolutely no experience and knows nothing about national or international politics. She has no business experience which is what America needs now. She was a law professor at Harvard just a couple years ago and even that position was obtained under questionable circumstances. Warren is so liberal and socialist in her views that she makes Obama look like a moderate.

In 2008, Obama was elected without any knowledge or experience just because he looks black (don’t forget he’s half white). If Warren is the Democratic nominee in 2016, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her elected by the same gullible and uninformed American public just because she’s female. If that happens, heaven help us all.