Will American Morality Again Cave To Money?

Like most conservative Americans, I hope that the Boy Scouts of America decide to continue to fight the good fight and maintain a 100 year Scouting tradition of commitment to a boy’s morally straight life. As a father of a former scout who was actively involved in pack and committee level leadership, I am understandably disappointed by the Boy Scouts decision to consider changing their position barring homosexual leadership and lifestyle from the ranks of the kids entrusted to their stewardship.

I remember a time when the Boy Scouts of America were more concerned with their ideals than their financial sponsor’s agendas. Somehow proud supporters of scouting have morphed into predatory advocates of the destruction of yet another American family tradition.

It appears that certain big business sponsors of scouting—for one reason or another—have decided to take a pro-gay stance and attempt to extort an ideological victory for the LGBT community by aiding the destruction of the largest traditional male youth mentoring group in America. If the Boy Scouts cave to the pressure being applied by companies like UPS, Merck and Intel—on behalf of an estimated 4% of the U.S. population—I fear they will be agreeing to their own demise. Scouting cannot exist in its current form without the parents and scouts that choose to make scouting part of their family because of its long history of traditional family morals. These very same families will eventually turn their backs on scouting if their son’s moral development is sacrificed to LGBT sympathizers.

For decades, the Boy Scouts of America—a privately funded organization—has been under financial, ideological and legal attack all over America for having the fortitude to protect its charges against the infiltration of immoral sexual influences. Gay and so called civil rights activists, claiming discrimination, have pushed and sued to have BSA functions removed from taxpayer funded venues like public schools and federal & state parks. In many cases they have been successful, yet until recently the LGBT activist communities Holy Grail—acceptance and recruitment opportunities— remained out of reach.

For those of you who missed the scouting experience, scouting’s moral code was not only limited to excluding homosexuality as some would have you believe. The Boy Scouts also included such rules as a prohibition on anyone (other than a fellow scout or someone related by blood or marriage) sharing a tent with a minor child during scouting activities. I suspect if LGBT leaders become the new norm, that rule too, will find its way to the wind, at least until money’s influence forces our government to redefine the laws of nature and allow the legal recognition of same sex marriage in America. Then no tent and no boy in scouting will be safe from liberal’s bedtime story of a sexually free America.

Why does the American culture tolerate the assaults on moral choice being perpetrated by the insignificant population of homosexuals in America? Are we so afraid of being labeled as intolerant that we are now willing to sacrifice all of our moral foundations to satisfy the obscene and vulgar demands hell bent on the total destruction of traditional American family values? Where is America’s backbone? Will a rainbow belt loop or merit badge become an acceptable compromise in the lives of our former morally straight boys and aspiring fathers? Is it really worth sponsor money?

If BSA acquiesces to LGBT pressure and allows individual charter organizations to set rules governing the moral code of local Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops it will mean the end of traditional scouting in America. Remember that most charter organizations are faith affiliated and if Boy Scouts are making a radical secular shift they can expect to be turned to the curb by a significant percentage of Churches and faith based organizations that are and have been the heart and soul of Scouting’s support network for over 100 years.

Some of the greatest fatherhood and mentoring memories of my life occurred while I was active in Scouting both as a leader and a parent. My families experience with Scouting provided us with a needed respite from an out of control society that conveniently forgets the value of truth, honor, loyalty and right vs. wrong. Regardless of the rabid attacks they have and will continue to endure from the LGBT community seeking public acceptance, the Boy Scouts of America should continue to endure for the sake of the millions of families that can credit them as an ally in raising a morally straight son. If BSA can no longer fight the good fight I would rather see them disbanded then to be hijacked by the likes of tolerant liberal fools.