Why You Should Vote But NOT for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say that they are going to vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or perhaps not vote at all.  Like so many others, I usually respond that any of those three choices is the same as casting a vote for Barack Obama.  I also tell them that thousands of Americans have sacrificed life and limb to secure their privilege to vote.

Generally my words fall on deaf ears.  But if you are one of these that refuse to vote for Romney or Obama because of your principles and are contemplating the other options, if you won’t listen to me, would you listen to someone else who presents the options in a different way than I have?

Bill Whittle of PJ Media presents a compelling case for voting because of your principles, but not voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson because of those same principles.  Whittle is known for his sometimes off-the-wall and caustic commentaries, but in this case, I believe he presents an eye-opening answer.

If you are voting based upon your principles and decide to vote for Paul or Johnson, are you really voting for your principles?  You know as well as everyone else in America that either Obama or Romney will win the election.  Whittle does point out what Obama stands for and what he has done.  He then succinctly states that by voting for anyone other than Romney will ultimately lead to the moral dilemma in knowing that you did nothing to try to preserve your principles.

On the issue of Obamacare, Whittle offers the idea that if Romney does get elected and manages to repeal Obamacare that it will be the first time in history that conservatives actually won back ground lost to the progressives.

Finally, Whittle brings up the rampant voter fraud issues of the Democratic Party and how if the Republicans don’t win this election that through their continued corruption that we may never be able to win another election.  If these things are important to you and your principles, then you owe it to your principles to vote and make your vote count by casting it for Romney instead of Paul or Johnson or not voting at all.