Why We Need the Aggressives: Cruz, Fiorina, and Trump

I’ve long awaited a class of politicians who would not only look the media in the eye, but openly rebuke and defy them. I’ve awaited a class of politicians who weren’t burdened by the protocol and decorum of political interactions. I call them “The Aggressives.”

Over the last decade and a half, we’ve seen Republican after Republican use the same tired language: We have to reach across the aisle. We have to compromise. We must be congenial. All of these things are considered virtues by the established political class in Washington. But why are they held in such high esteem? Because they keep the waters calm. The phrase “go along to get along” is often used to describe these types of men and women in politics; those who defer to the alleged virtues of compromise and congeniality.

But compromise and congeniality are not what they seem. First, one need not be rude to express a difference of opinion–even a severe one. The notion that congeniality requires a watering down of one’s beliefs is ludicrous. Second, compromise cannot be attained if the ideas being debated are diametrically opposed. Compromise is like a smartphone: everyone has one, but the average person has no clue how they really work. Everyone extols the virtues of compromise, but when asked to delve more deeply into what constitutes that idea, no one really knows.

People see the middle-ground as kind. Both sides meeting half way, giving up portions of their argument for the benefit of the whole—but that’s not what compromise means in Washington. Compromise means one side—the left—getting everything they want, leaving Republicans dumbfounded as to how the rug was pulled out.

Republicans are morons, generally speaking. Election after election, we’ve sent watered-down politicians to fight the Goliaths of the left. In this way, I admire the left tremendously. They don’t water down their beliefs; they hold firm and press forward. And it works.

John McCain, Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, even George W. Bush (though he won), were candidates who valued calm waters over truth and reality. Bush in particular demonstrated this tendency. Though there were times when he stood firm, there were also numerous instances in which he would behave exactly as the left would have, had they been in control.

These politicians, including President Bush, have aided and abetted the advance of democratic socialism in the United States. We are not a capitalist society; we are a society in which the government chooses winners and losers. Sure, the Democrats have been the drivers of this transformation, but Republicans have done nothing to stop it. In most cases, they’ve even fostered the climate of a mother government.

That is why it is vitally important this election that we embrace the Aggressives, the candidates who will look us in the eye, and tell us the truth for once. Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina—and yes—Donald Trump are the three candidates who I see as the most important going into 2016. Cruz and Fiorina have gone on extreme offense in a way that nearly every other candidate has been unwilling to do. They have made waves in the calm waters of Washington. They simply speak what they believe to be reality. This is why they are so hated by Washington.

Donald Trump, for all his faults, has taken a hammer to the glass jaw of Washington politics as usual. If Cruz and Fiorina are making waves, Trump is creating tsunamis. And conservatives are responding to it. Conservatives are hungry for the person who will tell them the truth and never apologize for it, even if it offends. Trump is that man. Though I wouldn’t want him as POTUS for multiple reasons, I am extremely grateful he’s in the race because he’s forcing the debate into territory which has previously been uncharted.

No one would dare to be as blunt as Trump regarding illegal immigration, but when he spoke about the issue, he set fire to latent gasoline. Americans whose sons and daughters had been murdered at the hands of illegal alien criminals spoke out and thanked Trump. His polls skyrocketed. He is the leader of the Aggressives.

I’m tired of slick; I’m tired of polished; I’m tired of rehearsed. I want real. Trump is real. Cruz is real. Fiorina is real. Reality is the name of the game this election cycle, and it will disrupt Washington in a way that hasn’t been seen in our history.

We need disruption. Without it, the water will remain calm. If we get a Bush, or a Graham, we will lose. Pastels are ugly and hard to get excited about; bold colors are beautiful and vibrant.

The Aggressives have brought a new set of rules into the game, and if they continue to make waves, we may finally get something accomplished. Donald Trump will likely burn bright, then burn out—as he is a political neophyte in the worst way—however, what he can accomplish while his light is shining could be tremendous. He can lead the way for the likes of Cruz and Fiorina to speak even more boldly and with a potency that will resonate with voters across the country.

For twenty years, Republicans have played by the Washington rules and lost. It’s time for the Aggressives to take charge, change the rules, and take the presidency.