Why The Left Loves & Needs Affirmative Action

Clearance Thomas said: “I don’t believe in quotas. America was founded on a philosophy of individual rights, not group rights.”

If someone told you that over the course of your entire life, someone was helping you out; that you were being systematically lifted up; how would you feel? Would you be glad for the help, or would you be upset? I suppose that all depends on the circumstances of the situation. Let’s get more specific. What if you found out that all of your grades–high school through college–were altered to make you look better; that your 3.9 GPA was fraudulent? All of the work you believed was your own actually turned out to be smoke and mirrors, designed to “help” you.

Then, what if you found out that the reason you were being “helped” was because of your race, gender, or even your eye color? Would that anger you? I would be outraged. This actually happens all the time. People are hired, admitted to schools, fired, and given aid based not on their ability, but rather on their race and gender.

According to Education Reform:

School administrators at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) are systematically raising the final grades of African-American students, three ex-faculty members told Campus Reform last month…Former Director of Academic Technology Shira Hedgepeth, along with two former professors who spoke to Campus Reform on the condition of anonymity, alleged administrators at the historically black college routinely increase the final grades of African-American students in order to raise the school’s standing…According to Hedgepeth, and the two former professors who were granted anonymity because of they feared speaking out may jeopardize their retirement, instructors would submit final grades to the school only to have them later revised upwards by administrators as a way to ‘take care of their African American students.’

I think this story is a grand opportunity to write about the basic Liberal mindset. Many people who identify as Liberal, or on the Left side of the aisle, are strong proponents of affirmative action; quotas. Many Liberals will look you straight in the face, tell you that what was done at that school was downright awful, then turn right around and advocate hiring quotas for the workplace. It’s a kind of double standard.

There was a time (many years ago) when quotas may have been a necessary evil, in terms of keeping racism out of hiring policies and student admissions; but that time has long passed. However, the Liberal mind doesn’t see it that way. The Liberal mind sees poor, sad minorities, who need the help of well-off white people. They feel a debt because of the past; and the means by which they believe that debt can be repaid is to enforce quotas.

Unfortunately, quotas do the exact opposite of good; they harm. Hiring someone based on their race, or gender is demeaning in the extreme. It is one person telling another person that because of the color of their skin (a factor that determines nothing), they require help; a leg up.

Many Leftists (in the general masses) honestly believe in this practice. Truly depressing. But what’s worse is that the higher-ups in the Liberal world—specifically politicians—don’t believe they are helping. They use affirmative action as a political tool. They mask the disgusting nature of this practice by calling it charity, reparations, or otherwise. It is a control tactic.

With the enforcement of quotas, the food stamp program, and the numerous other kinds of federal aid, the Liberals are creating a nanny state. They intend for this nanny state—this maternal federal government—to keep growing. Here’s some news: it’s working. More Americans are on federal aid than ever before. The end game is dominance. They want power.

It is truly frightening that on the road to dominance, the Left is shredding the Constitution, demeaning minorities, and creating a culture of need. The Left is slowly poisoning the American people. They want two classes: a ruling class, and a peasantry that is solely reliant on the state. There is no care for people; only an all-consuming desire for more. Power lust has killed us.

We are a country of individuals with numerous struggles and desires. We are supposed to prize self-reliance, and strive to be the best we can be. Quotas are wrong, plain and simple. They are degrading and contemptible.