Why the Apolitical Class Always Falls Victim to the Lies of the Left, and What We Can Do About it

I’ve been surrounded by liberalism for many years. My circle of friends is almost entirely liberal, and most of my non-liberal friends are apolitical, leaving them susceptible to political manipulation. Apolitical people tend to lack the ability–whether inborn or learned–to see deceit. Given that, they often fall for liberal ideology, as it is rife with deceit.

Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted the following Monday:

“Nobody can recall a Christmas Eve where the temperature was 65 degrees. Why is it that we’re not effectively addressing climate change?”

An engineer by the name of Randall Hoven tweeted back at Sanders with–get ready to clutch those pearls–FACTS! Ahhhhh!!! Hoven noted that the Christmas Eve temperature in Washington D.C. has been higher than or equal to 65 degrees on six separate occasions, going all the way back to 1889:

But here’s the thing: The apolitical class will simply take Sanders at his word because the left will reinforce the bunk science. Conservatives do their best to show people that Democrats are lying regarding a number of issues, but naïveté tends to swing toward positivity, meaning the apoliticals will more likely believe the people lying than those who are pointing out the lies.

I can’t be certain of the cause, but I believe that because lies can be so beautifully constructed, they create an irresistible allure. The truth is often boring or entirely unpleasant. Concerning global warming/climate change/climate disruption, the lie has been so perfectly curated. For years, the left has told the American people that human activity is responsible for changing temperatures, and that the only way to fix it is by voting Democrat. We’ll help save the world together! It’s a sexy idea. By voting Democrat, you’re playing a part in saving the world.

On the other hand, while conservatives do their best to poke holes in the ever-evolving lie that is global warming, the truth isn’t compelling enough for the apoliticals. The lie is candy, and the truth is broccoli.

When you’re uninformed regarding politics, and therefore unaware of the monstrous levels of corruption and duplicity within it, you’re going to reach for the candy instead of the broccoli. That’s simply the nature of things. What we have to do as conservatives is work overtime to show apoliticals that candy is bad for them, and broccoli is healthy. The onus is on us to show with an abundance of clarity and force that what the left is saying is incorrect.

Trying to get a kid to eat their vegetables is much more difficult than getting them to eat a piece of Laffy Taffy. The taste of sugar overwhelms their brains, and is immediately palatable, while vegetables are an acquired taste. But in time, and with overwhelming repetition, kids eventually learn that you can’t eat candy all day. And in time, with overwhelming repetition, the apoliticals will learn that the leftist candy is a poison. But it takes work on our part. This is the election of our lifetimes, and if we don’t put out the effort, if we just sit back, the loss will be on our heads, because unfortunately, the apoliticals often make the final call.