Why Pay Employees to Play Monopoly?

It was recently pointed out that the battery manufacturing plant that Obama wanted to help out with a $151 million grant of taxpayer money hadn’t even manufactured one battery yet, and it’s been two years since its groundbreaking ceremony in Holland, Michigan, which Obama attended. The Korean company LG Chem maintains that they have employed about 200 people, and employees are having to forgo one week’s pay every month. So, it has been over two years since Obama made a big deal about giving this company money to manufacture batteries for the Chevy Volt (also taxpayer-subsidized and not doing so well). It was supposed to create 1,500 jobs and bring in $270 million to the local economy. Yet not a single battery has been manufactured. What exactly have these 200 employees been doing all this time?

It turns out, nothing. Nothing pertaining to production, that is. They’ve literally been hanging out in the cafeteria, playing games like Texas Hold’em, Monopoly, Solitaire, and Sudoku. Some read magazines while others watch movies. Apparently, there’s just nothing to do. And they’re all busy doing nothing on company time and being paid for it by taxpayer money. Granted, some of them were told to clean up outside and inside. But, other than that, nothing.

There’s just something about being paid to do nothing that eventually gets to you. Several employees got so sick and tired of being bored with nothing to do that they started volunteering around their city, helping out Habitat for Humanity, animal shelters and taking care of public parks. I guess they figured they’d do something while they were doing nothing. One animal shelter was about to be shut down by the city when bored LG Chem employees came in and volunteered five days a week during the summer and saved it from being shut down. Even though they were volunteering and getting paid with taxpayer dollars, it is a little encouraging knowing that there are Americans who have enough work ethic in them to realize that there’s something wrong with literally getting paid to do nothing.

But the rest of the employees are staying back at the office, waiting for something to happen. Ironically, here’s what Obama told an audience at LG Chem’s groundbreaking ceremony in July, two years ago:  “This is a symbol of where Michigan is going, this is a symbol of where Holland is going, and this is a symbol of where America’s going.”

Perhaps that is where America is headed. The more people are bailed out with welfare and food stamps, the more people will realize that they really don’t have to do much of anything since the government will take care of them. When I worked at a grocery store a couple years ago, I had a co-worker who couldn’t work anymore than a certain number of hours per week, and she didn’t work that many hours. The reason she couldn’t work beyond fifteen or so hours was that she was afraid she would lose her eligibility for whatever welfare she was on if she “made too much money.” That’s how our government wants people to think.

The companies Obama has bailed out or given grants are now either bankrupt or paying their employees to play Monopoly. What a legacy he’s leaving behind.