Why Obama’s False Claims of Christianity Matter: Character

Character matters. We all know this. Character is a critical quality for a leader. The great majority of our leaders have little to no character. John Boehner, who retaliates against those in his own Party who defy him, has little character; Mitch McConnell, who lied to his fellow Senators, has little character; and Hillary Clinton, whose rap sheet of misconduct and outright criminal behavior would make Tony Soprano uncomfortable, has no character.

But it’s Barack Obama whose character I’m most concerned about. After Wisconsin Governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker once again told a gathering of people that he doesn’t know if Obama is a Christian, the Huffington Post defensively pointed out that Obama gave a eulogy and some even called him the “minister-in-chief.” So that’s that, guys. He’s totally a Christian. Non-Christians can’t give eulogies and sing Amazing Grace—they burn up.

A friend on Facebook posted an article about Walker’s statement regarding Obama’s alleged faith and asked rather pointedly “Why…Do…We…Care?

I replied with:

“Because he claims to be a Christian, but his actions and policy don’t reflect his alleged religious affiliation. That speaks to his character—of which there is none.”

Someone else came back with:

“Neither do the Republicans’.”

Then I replied:

“Most politicians are liars. But you can’t go through life thinking that every single person is a liar, because that’s not true. There are good ones. You just have to look with a discerning eye.”

The insight I took away from that small back and forth is two-fold. One, Obama’s claims of faith do matter. They matter because if he claims to be a follower of Christ (i.e. a Christian) his actions should reflect that. They don’t. Obama has for years promoted policy that is antithetical to Christianity.

Most notably, while a State Senator, he voted against the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act,” which would have given life-rights to infants born alive following botched abortions. He voted against the legislation not once, but three times. He even voted against the final version, which was identical to the federal version that passed the United States Senate unanimously. Even Barbara “cut-em-up” Boxer voted for it. Even NARAL supported it.

That is not Christian. At all.

If Obama proclaims one thing, specifically something as critical and important to people as faith, and is being deceitful about it, it reflects on his character—poorly. That is of utmost importance.

Two, we cannot fall into the trap of “all politicians are liars, therefore, I won’t get involved in politics.” It’s a cop-out, plain and simple. It’s a way of leaving your brain at the door and refusing to take the time to dig deeply into a politician’s words and actions in order to discern who they are as a person. There are good people out there running for office, and if we don’t seek them out fervently, and give them our votes, then every politician will indeed be corrupt.

In this cycle alone, there are several people of intense integrity, who have stood by their word, and followed through on their promises. We cannot sit back and let these people lose. If we stay out of the race because we’re too lazy to use our brains, we have only ourselves to blame for the continued decline of our republic.

Character matters. There is so little left. If we don’t want it to wither and die completely, we have to make that choice. Without our votes, the corrupt will continue to rule, and the decent will be shredded.