Why Hillary Won’t Give Up Her Private Server

I’ve studied pathological liars, and anything they say, they believe, and that’s one of the reasons they’re so convincing, because they have no connection with the truth.” – Jane Velez-Mitchell

The email-gate scandal will fade, just like every other Democratic scandal has, into the night. As the unusually aggressive press eventually realizes that without Hillary Clinton, they have few viable candidates this election cycle who could take out a deep bench of rising conservative stars, they will suddenly and conspicuously back down.

Then the coronation will continue. Hillary’s laughable excuses will be tolerated, the Democrats will hold their collective noses, and scream down anyone who dares to question Obama version zero. She shall not be held to the same standards of mere mortals; for she is the queen.

But what the press should be seizing on—because, you know, it’s their job—is Hillary Clinton’s decision to keep her private server off-limits. When one conceals something, there is always a reason, and when a politician conceals something, the reason is almost always nefarious.

Hillary Clinton claims that she has nothing to hide. If that is indeed the case, why not allow the server to be analyzed by forensic experts? She claimed that all pertinent documents have been turned over to the State Department. If that’s true, an analysis of the server would clear her name fully. In fact, a clean server would make Republicans look absolutely terrible. Hillary could run on being victimized by Republicans all the way to the White House. She could even claim it was sexism. It would be an all-around win. But there’s a hitch.

The Hill recently spoke with several tech experts, who claimed that very little is ever gone for good:

Marcus Rogers, the director of Purdue University’s Cyber Forensics and Security Program said: “Email is really, really hard to get rid of…So if they’ve got the server and it hasn’t been wiped, then the probability of recovering the emails is extremely high.”

And Jonathan Katz, the director of the University of Maryland’s Cybersecurity Center said: “A lot of times if you don’t delete things properly, you can still recover them potentially after the fact…”

And that’s the answer to the question of why Hillary Clinton is keeping her email server private. Despite the deletion of thousands of emails, Hillary has to know that it is nearly impossible to wipe the slate clean.

Now, if Hillary had nothing to hide, she would, with great joy, turn over her private server for a complete forensic examination. Given that fact–that an innocent person rarely has anything to hide–we can reason that Hillary has something she wants kept under lock and key. That leads us to the next two questions: What does Hillary want hidden? And why?

The only answer is that her private server contains material that is incriminating to her or her husband. However, given her Presidential aspirations, the likelihood is that the damaging material pertains to Hillary herself.

Hillary must believe that the information possibly contained on her server is damaging enough that it could severely handicap her chances at the White House. Additionally, she must also believe that the criticism she’s receiving (and will continue to receive) from the media regarding her decision to keep her server private is a small price to pay to keep whatever is on that server from ever seeing the light of day. The damaging information on that server must be incredible.

There are a glut of scandals that took place during her tenure in the Obama administration from which to choose, any one of which Hillary could have been a part of, however, as she was Secretary of State, Benghazi is the most likely candidate. This leads into one final question: What is so potentially damaging about the way in which she dealt with Benghazi that it would torpedo her Presidential run?

Four Americans died that September night in 2012, and, despite knowing that the incident was not the result of a YouTube video mocking Islam, Hillary Clinton claimed that it was. That’s what we do know.

What else is there to know? Is it on that server? And is it big enough to bring Hillary Clinton down?

Hopefully, Trey Gowdy will find out.