Why Does Iran Need a Missile to Use a Nuke?

The Obama Administration has gone to great lengths to assuage American fears of nuclear Iran and the growing al-Qaeda threat. According to Administration officials Iran doesn’t have a long range delivery system yet; so there is no need to worry and red lines are not a panacea. After all, how much damage can a little country like Iran do without a missile?

Our President has got to be an idiot to believe that Iran’s plans are limited to a nuclear warhead when cheaper more destructive methods walk our streets. Last month al-Qaeda attacked a U.S. consulate and now we find out they also fired on another secret U.S. intelligence facility outside of Benghazi, Libya. Can you imagine what would have happened if terrorists strapped a dirty bomb to a willing jihadist and detonated it upwind? Although it may be preferable, it doesn’t take a big mushroom cloud for terrorists to be successful anymore and they know it.

Iran couldn’t care less about delivery systems, they have a few hundred thousand already; they are called martyrs and they are waiting to take as many non-believers as possible with them before they go. Heck they are probably fighting over who will go first. History has a tendency to remember the first guy and not the tenth.

Islamic jihadists the world over are counting the days until they can get their hands on fissile material for use in a dirty bomb attack on U.S. or Israeli interests. Long gone are the days of feared ICBM’s vapor trails. What religious tyrant needs a rocket when you have teenagers willing to facilitate Islamic Armageddon? Let’s face it folks, these guys are crazy smart. They can bring a knife to a gun fight and win. Jihadists have caught on to the simple fact that free societies are an easy target. They have gone low tech before and for good reason; it’s cheaper, more effective, and harder to stop.

In case you have forgotten, they used box cutters and planes to execute 9-11; not James Bond gadgets and secret agent skills. And the U.S trained them to fly. So why is our government putting all their eggs in the sanctions basket? Iran has not halted its enrichment program. To the contrary, it has accelerated it.

Now our intelligence community is confirming what everyone already knew about Iran’s relationship with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda. Eleven years after 9-11 and they finally connected Shiite extremist’s relationship to Sunni terrorists. Didn’t it ever occur to CIA and NSA that shared Islamic interests come first in a battle for Islamic world domination?

I’m no Middle East expert, but even I could tell you there isn’t a hairs worth of difference between the Saudi’s and the Iranians; it just a matter of one extreme or another. Thousand year old Persian/Arab grudges have a tendency to be temporarily set aside when you feel your way of life is threatened.

Everywhere we turn the Middle East is erupting with anti-American sentiment. Contrary to the lies coming out of the U.S Department of State, the Saudis and other Wahhabis nations hate Christianity and Judaism more than they fear a nuclear Iran. After all, as long as Mecca and Medina is under Sunni Muslim control, the Saudi’s will buy off the Ayatollahs temporary loyalties and worry about the long term consequences later.

Either way American’s better wake up and realize that they are one shoe bomber away from urban decimation. Iran’s diplomatic plan is working and the Obama Administration is being outsmarted by a maniac. Sanctions only work when they can be verified and a stagnant economy is no more a threat to Iranian nuclear progress than it is to socialism under Obama.

If you would like to gain some insight into Iran their national news agency is located at http://english.farsnews.com.