Why Does Breitbart Continue to Push Trump When He’s Not a Conservative? Answer…

Politics are very much like war. We may even have to use poison gas at times.” – Winston Churchill

As one of few remaining anti-establishment websites with strong traffic, Breitbart has become the de facto leader of conservative news online. While sites like The Daily Caller, National Review, Hot Air, Town Hall, and The Washington Examiner slowly transform into mouthpieces for establishment politicians, Breitbart has remained a stalwart anti-establishment voice. Due to their aggressive push to remain the anti-establishment voice, however, I fear they’ve left the reservation. I think they may have reached a place from which they cannot return.

From the beginning of Trump’s candidacy, Breitbart has trumpeted the business mogul in everything he does. They’ve defended his actions, and thrown verbal haymakers at anyone who dares to point out his flaws. This isn’t endemic to the entirety of the company. I know, for instance, that Ben Shapiro thinks Trump is “a buffoon.” However, enough of the writers and leaders of the site’s content have jumped on the Trump-train.

Breitbart’s shilling for Trump has led to them attack every other candidate, regardless of the candidate’s viability as a conservative–up to and including Ted Cruz. This has caused me to lose some respect for the organization I once vaunted. Now, Breitbart has become suspect, but in an altogether different way than sites like National Review.

I understand why they’re doing this. Trump has upended Washington in a way that’s never been seen before. Our system is so toxic, so broken, that they see Trump as necessary. I too appreciate aspects of what Trump has brought to the race. Certain issues that may not have gotten the coverage they deserved have been given the spotlight because Trump waved his hand in their direction.

But here’s the downside. Donald Trump is not a conservative. You can call me an idiot, or a liar, or a shill for Ted Cruz, but I just don’t care. Trump is the Republican Obama; a cult of personality born of our increasing frustration with, and fear of, the Obama administration. Obama and his ilk have driven our nation down a dark road at high speed, and that has rightly angered many people–but the antidote is not an Obama redux.

The writers at Breitbart know this–they’re too smart not to. They know he’s not conservative; they know he’s politically unstable; they know he can’t be trusted. If Breitbart wanted to back a candidate who’s a proven anti-establishment conservative, they’d stand behind Ted Cruz. But over and over again, they go to bat for Donald Trump. The only way I can justify this behavior logically is to think that the leaders at Breitbart don’t want a good candidate, they want a Trojan horse candidate.

Rather than promote someone decent, they’re promoting a hurricane who would utterly, and catastrophically cripple the executive branch. They see the system as so deeply corrupt that it cannot be fixed from within. Therefore, it must be destroyed from within.

They’ve attached themselves to the Trump-train, and used their influence among conservatives to peddle a Manchurian candidacy to great effect.

That’s the only way I can understand why they’d push so hard for Trump.

Perhaps they’re right. Maybe we’re too far gone, but I just don’t believe that. I think we have another chance before we hit the big red self-destruct button. I think we can win with a principled constitutional conservative, and I think we can win by a landslide.