Why do We Need Country of Origin Labels for Food? Here’s Why…

Conservative Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) always argues for LESS Government, because less government always means MORE freedom. So it might surprise you when you hear the libertarian-leaning Representative from Kentucky argue that we need to make sure that our food always has “country of origin” labels. But he’s got good reasons for arguing so…

From Thomas Massie:

Do you want to know which countries your food comes from? I’m sad to report that Congress and the President just repealed Country of Origin Labeling for beef and pork by tucking the new law into the Omnibus Bill. (I voted against the Omnibus bill.)

Some will tell you that Canada and Mexico successfully used NAFTA to sue the United States in the World Trade Organization, and therefore this legislation was necessary to avoid retaliatory tariffs. Ask them, “Then why did this legislation repeal Country of Origin Labeling for countries like China and Brazil, who are not parties to the NAFTA agreement?”

Literally everything you buy has a country of origin label on it: your tools, your cell phone, your clothes, your car. But not your beef and pork anymore thanks to some well funded lobbyists and a bad legislative process.

Here’s my speech from this summer, when I was a lone voice in Congress speaking in favor of keeping country of origin labeling for our food.