Why Democrats Support Higher Taxes but Avoid Paying Them

There’s a man who comes into my bookstore every Friday to drop off pet-adoption flyers for us to hang in our window. He’s a nice man, elderly, corpulent, and is the apparent owner of a joke-a-day desk calendar because he always has a joke prepared when he comes in.

Most of the jokes are clean, though some of them would be considered by sensitive feminists to be sexist.

We never talk more than five minutes before he leaves. Sometime last month he expressed delight in the results of the presidential election, which surprised me because he’s a war vet and he’s jolly, two things not too common among elderly Democrats.

Something else relevant to know about him is that he is a teacher, as he is fond of so often reminding me (one of the few hints that he’s a Democrat). Except he is not the kind of teacher most liberals fawn over; he teaches remedial driving school for people who were driving drunk, high, etc.

Today, before leaving the store, he bought a war book. The books he usually buys from us (he buys one maybe every other time he’s in here) tend to be historical in nature. And every time he buys from us, he asks for the receipt, upon which he promptly writes, “Taxes 2012 – Book.” And then he looks up at me with a twinkle in his eye and a smile so sly, and says, “I’m gonna write this off on my taxes. I’m a teacher.”

Now, if you can legally avoid paying more taxes than you should be, as we all do, then good for you. It’s nice to be able to keep the private property you earned.

But this man is a Democrat. So today I finally decided to say something about it, but to keep it light.

“Don’t you like paying taxes?” I asked.

And he responded, “Absolutely, but I’m going to take advantage of all of the deductions I can.”

“Alright, well, good for you then,” I said, and I smiled and gave him a thumbs-up.

That was as political as it got. I would have liked to have added, “But you vote for Democrats, which means you vote for higher taxes. And yet you’re trying to avoid paying those taxes.”

Democratic politicians do it too, from Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, to presidential candidate, Senator, and probably future Secretary of State John Kerry. They support taxes on us, the little people, but try to dodge taxes whenever they can.

If they support taxes so much, why do they avoid paying them? Is it because taking another person’s hard-earned money makes them feel powerful and in control? After all, that’s what liberalism is about, isn’t it: power of the government, control over the people?

So really, it makes perfect sense that Democrats, the purse-pursuers, would be the same people as the tax-avoiders, the wallet-withholders.