Why Bother With Congress When You Make 66 Regulations a Day?

Last week someone wrote about Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) warning that President Obama was using regulations to kill the economy and everything good about America.  Evidently, Sen. Inhofe’s warning was just the tip of the iceberg.

I don’t know if Obama was preparing to enact as much legislation as he could before possibly losing the election or what, but a new report out states that in the last 90 days, the Obama administration has posted 5,932 regulations.  This amounts to a whopping 68 per day for 90 days.

While many of these are ‘proposed’ regulations, that’s not to say that they won’t become reality, but in all likelihood, Obama and his band of thieves will find a way to implement the vast majority of them.

So what are all of these regulations?

One has to do with the restriction of volatile organic compound emissions resulting from agricultural coatings.

Another involves placing rules on the FDA involved with their enforcement of certain criteria for ackee products.  Ackee or achee is a member of the soapberry family.  It originated in tropical West Africa but was introduced years ago into Jamaica where it became the national fruit.  Un-ripened sections of the fruit contain a toxin known as hypoglycin and the proposed regulation is geared at enforcing stricter rules to ensure that only safe ackee products are approved for consumption.

Some involve fishing rules for coastal waters, another to change the rules involved in the testing procedures of electric refrigerators and freezers.  Another rule has to do with the airworthiness of several different air craft engines.

I scanned through a number of pages online and was amazed at the number of different rules and rule proposals and the wide array of topics they covered.  I don’t have time to look through every single rule, proposed rule and notices that they have posted.  But as Sen. Inhofe pointed out, stuck in the middle of so many mundane rules and notices are some that only serve to place more restrictions on Americans, on business, on the economy and on jobs.  Some will reduce our military prowess by cutting fighter jets and cargo transport planes.

One has to wonder if anyone is really paying attention to them all and what all the Obama administration will try to hide in their midst.  It wouldn’t surprise me to find issues ranging from gun control to immigration to restrictions of various constitutional rights.  At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything this administration tries to pull.