Why aren’t we talking about a Campaign Finance Ban?

Government corruption is at an all-time high. Political patronage and government gridlock is slowly but surely chipping away at our nation’s fragile foundation. The U.S. Constitution is under attack and our alleged representative government continues to ignore the will of the average citizen victimized by decades of contaminated ideals and morals. So why isn’t America discussing a solution to our out of control government by reducing money’s influence on our elected representatives? How is banning “assault style” weapons going to pass a budget, reign in the deficit, pay down the debt and spur economic growth?

Recently one of my least favorite Senators Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) whined about how the assault weapons ban, a bill he authored, affects on current murder rates. According to Senator Schumer a weapons ban that expired 8 years ago played a substantial roll in reducing firearm homicides in America. Leave it to a corrupt politician to advertise the success of a non-existent law to promote trampling on our Constitutional rights.

Our nation has an obscene number of laws governing the behavior of folks living under the rule of a corrupt government. An ever expanding behemoth sucking the life out of our economy and our god given freedoms, yet I don’t hear a peep from the National media or the electorate about campaign finance and big lobbies role in destroying American families. I don’t hear anyone analyzing the loyalties of people like Senator Schumer a man who couldn’t even lie straight in bed.

Senator Schumer was elected in 1998. He sits on the following Senate committees: Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Finance, Judiciary, and Rules and Administration. He receives and annual salary for his representation of $174 thousand dollars. In the last election cycle Chuck Schumer raised over $20 million dollars to be used at his discretion to maintain his hold on his New York Senate seat. The top five industries contributing to Senator Schumer’s Campaign Committee were Securities & Investment, Lawyers/Law firms, Real Estate, Lobbyists and Miscellaneous Finance.

Hmm……..doe America grasp the correlation between campaign cash and Mr. Schumer’s Senate committee assignments? I mean what good reason can you come up with explaining why it takes tens of millions of dollars to run for a job that pays $174K? The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. Senator Schumer is owned by big finance and has been since 1998. No wonder Chucky wasn’t as outspoken about his thieving finance buddies as he is about his anti-second amendment propaganda then again he didn’t get a nickel from the NRA or the gun lobby.

Our elected representatives spend more time spewing blather and pontificating about non-existent issues requiring government intervention then actually attacking the root causes of our nation’s distresses. In September, at a time when the United States is facing financial and moral collapse our elected representatives take 2 months off to campaign. When they returned to Washington they expected Americans to believe that they were going to solve our fiscal cliff mess and start the 2013 with a bang. Instead they went home for Christmas break trying to come up with creative ways to blame the other guy for failure while somberly describing how they are about to cave on their oath to protect our Constitutional right to bear arms.

If America needs any new legislation, it is legislation that controls our government not our citizenry. I believe a profound change in direction would come if our elected representatives actually went to work earning their pay instead of whoring themselves to the highest bidder. What say you America?