Why Are Republicans Whitewashing the TSA?

If a gratuitous evil like the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) gets nothing more than a bit of advice on how to be “smarter,” what was the point of the Tea Party in the first place? The US Government has empowered an organization to humiliate and degrade the American people, and this is the best anyone can do to push back? Give me a break!

If a committee with a majority of Democrats had produced this report, “Rebuilding the TSA into a Smarter, Leaner, Organization,” everyone would call it a cover up. But Republican Congressman Mike Rogers (AL) was the chairman of the committee. What is going on? I guess we can agree with “leaner” since the only hope for the American people is that the disgusting agency be starved out of existence. But such a step forward for Western Civilization is not the aim of the report.

Without seeming to notice the irony, the report makes the anemic complaint of the TSA bureaucracy: “Once a procedure is put in place, it is almost never removed” (3). Yes and that’s an apt description of the report itself. The TSA is a useless, anti-social, tax-feeder, and a Committee of Congressional tax-feeders refuses to remove it from sucking the life out of American society.

Let’s do a reality check on airline security. On 9/11 we experienced a horrible breakdown in all levels of security. There were multiple failures to protect the American people. One of those failures was the fact that hijackers were able to get into the planes with some kind of weapons that allowed them to gain control of those flights (people have made vague references to “box cutter knives,” but no one knows for sure what was used). The only reason these hijackings worked is because people normally expect to live through hijackings. 9/11 ended the possibility that anyone could ever hijack a plain without smuggling machine guns on board.

Taking off your shoes and belt does nothing to make you safer on an airplane. The order to strip is meant to make you feel vulnerable and powerless. It is systematic humiliation and your Congress wants it to continue. Likewise, the nudie scanners can do nothing to prevent an underwear bomb from getting on board. It is just a piece of crony Capitalism where contractors make money selling overpriced crap to the government who uses it to pretend they are “doing something” for us rather than to us. The report wants the Full Body Scanners to have better privacy software (p. 11). Instead, they should all be dumped into landfills — preferably with all Michael Chertoff’s earnings as a lobbyist buried underneath them.

This report lacks any of the outrage that would be appropriate for the horrible violations of American citizens who are forced to drink their own breast milk, watch their children and babies molested, and get manhandled — all for the crime of attempting to travel by air. That barely scratches the surface of the ongoing abuses.

The entire rationale for the TSA was that 9/11 could have been avoided if, instead of private companies doing airline security, the Federal Government created a single Federal agency to do it all. It was, from the beginning, a piece of Stalinism foisted on the American people on the basis on a single event. It has been proof of Rahm Emanuel’s dictum: “”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Nudie scanners and public molestation had never been done before. It should have stayed that way. We need politicians who will end this vicious pretense of national security.