Why Are My Gas and Electric Bills So High?

I know this will really date me, but when I started driving, I paid 28¢ per gallon of gas.  When the local gas stations would have a gas war, I got gas for as little 25¢ per gallon.  It wasn’t long before gas jumped to 32¢ per gallon and then to 35¢ and I remember thinking this was terrible.  When gas hit $1 a gallon, I wondered how long we could afford to continue to make ends meet.

When Barack Obama took office, the national average for gas was $1.90 per gallon.  The average now has more than doubled to around $3.90 per gallon.  That increase in the gasoline price funnels to almost everything else we purchase.  Food, clothing and other sundry products have all increased in price.  Yet, the average household income has not kept up with the rising cost of living.

Under the Obama administration, he shut down all Gulf oil drilling for 6 months because of what happened when the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded and released millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  Some oil experts advised him against the shutdown of all drilling, but Obama didn’t listen.  That decision cost the oil industry billions of dollars of lost revenue and guess who is having to pay for those losses?

While halting U.S. drilling in the Gulf, Obama loans Brazil around $2 billion dollars for their off shore drilling.  Now it turns out that a significant portion of that oil is going to China and not the U.S.

Efforts have been made to obtain drilling permits in a limited area of Alaska’s North Slope area, but the Obama administration has fought against those permits.  He also has refused to approve the XL Keystone Oil Pipeline project that would bring millions of barrels of oil in from Canada and created 10,000 U.S. jobs.

And you wonder why gas prices have soared so high under his first and hopefully last term of office?

As for electricity prices, it’s because Obama has declared war on coal produced power.  In 2008 he promised that he would make the U.S. less dependent on coal powered electricity and push for the expansion of renewable green energy.  When Obama took office, over half of the electricity generated in the U.S. comes from coal burning power plants.  The coal industry (mining, processing and transportation) employs over 2 million Americans.

Under Obama, the EPA has placed a number of new regulations on the coal industry that has increased the cost of coal production to the breaking limit.  A number of smaller coal mining operations have had to shut down because they could not afford the costs of the new regulations.  The mining companies that have been forced to comply with the new regulations are having to pass their increased costs on to the power companies that purchase their coal.  The power companies then have no other option than to pass their cost increases on to their customers, you and me.

The result of Obama’s war on fossil fuel energy is costing thousands of jobs and higher prices every time you turn on a light, your computer, TV, heat your water and keep your food cold.

Mitt Romney asked the question if we are better off now than we were four years ago and Obama is trying to convince us we are.  Just looking at gasoline and electricity, I would say that we are much worse off now that we were four years ago, and if he gets a second term and does not have worry about being re-elected, there is no telling where our gas and electric prices will soar to.  $8-$10 gallon gas and electrical brown outs are not out of the question during an Obama second term.  If he can get us use to paying such high prices for fossil energy, then it will be easier for him to convince us to pay exorbitant prices for his green energy.