Who Do Liberals Permit To Be Racist?

A white, Oscar-winning actor steps onto a stage in front of a small studio audience. “I’m white,” he says, “and I’m dressed in all white ’cause it’s good to be white.”

He continues. “I have a movie coming out, and in it I get to kill all the black people. How great is that?” And the audience applauds and cheers. He’s just joking, after all.

In the ensuing days, the white actor is the main story on every news broadcast, pundits relating his anti-black “jokes” to the deep divide between blacks and whites in today’s political climate. “Are race relations worse now than ever in the past half-century,” they will ask.

Anti-Obama sentiment among Republicans will be blamed for the actor’s jokes, and for the division in the country at large.

The actor will be so shamed by the media that he we will eventually be persuaded by his publicist to make a public apology. He does so, giving himself a verbal flogging, groveling for the public’s forgiveness, and he promises in front of the entire nation to attend weekly therapy sessions in order to discover why he has such racist sentiments and to exorcise himself of them.

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx hosted Saturday Night Live the other day because he has a new movie coming out from one of my favorite directors.

In his opening monologue, he said, “I’m black, and I’m dressed all black cause it’s good to be black.”

He made a few jokes after that and then began talking about his movie, Django Unchained, in which he plays a slave. After being released from his chains, Foxx explains to the audience, “I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?”

Now, I don’t care that he said these things. He was trying to be funny, for one thing, but even if he were serious (and I suspect there is a large part of him that was serious), I would not mind in the least.

If Foxx were serious, then he was being racist, yes, absolutely.

So what? His racism–racism, period–harms nobody. It’s not evil, it’s just ignorant. What is harmful is oppression. One can be a racist and still not oppress. Foxx was not hurting anybody, except maybe his comedy credentials, so why should I care? It affects absolutely zero people.

So I am not going to ruffle up my phony-outrage feathers over his monologue. What I will do, as I will always do, is point out the double standard. Liberals give minorities a pass. But if Foxx were a white actor, the situation would have played out exactly how I described at the beginning of this piece.

What hurts race relations is not Republicans, but liberals, who permit certain behavior from one race and prohibit that same behavior from another race. As long as there remains more than one standard of behavior, race relations will continue to deteriorate.