White Teacher Suspended for Using Racial Slur in Example about Racism and Derogatory Terms

The Associated Press is reporting that a white high school teacher has been suspended for using a racial slur as an example during an explanation about racism and derogatory terms. This is almost as bad as the time a Spanish teacher got fired for saying what the word for black is in Spanish. There is probably more to the story than what’s in that article, but this case in Newport News, Virginia is along similar lines. Here’s the AP:

 A Newport News, Virginia, high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave after using a racial epithet while discussing the use of derogatory names.

Multiple media outlets report that Heritage High School teacher Lynne Pierce, who is white, was holding a classroom conversation during an Advanced Placement history class last week in which the students were discussing racism and derogatory terms.

Pierce says a student asked her why some people object to the Washington Redskins football team’s name. She responded by comparing the name to a hypothetical sports team’s name, using a racial slur that refers to blacks.

Pierce says a student complained and she was placed on leave by school administrators after the school day ended.

Newport News Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Price said in a statement that officials are investigating the matter.

Remember when Obama did the exact same thing shortly after the Charleston church mass murder?

In scanning the articles that referenced Obama’s use of the n-word, they all defended him, saying that he was “trying to make a point.” The only point that I got from it was that he’s allowed to say the word, because he has the right color of skin. No white person is allowed to say it.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump said the exact same thing that Obama had said in that interview? What if he were “trying to make a point?” It wouldn’t matter. He’d get skewered like Paula Deen.

The Virginia high school teacher was also “trying to make a point.” She didn’t direct the word toward any student. If she had, that would be different. The message here is that if you’re black, and if you’re the President, you can use the word “to make a point.” If you’re white, then you deserve to be buried alive.