White Man Attacked by a Dozen Blacks. Hate Crime?

An article for CBS’s Detroit affiliate is headlined, “White Man Beaten By Mob In Detroit After Hitting Boy With Truck: Was It A Hate Crime?”

I can answer that question before even reading about the incident: no, it was not a hate crime. How do I know this? Keep reading and I’ll tell you my secret.

Video of the incident shows that an 11-year-old boy stepped off the curb without looking, walked right out in front of Steven Utash’s truck’s,┬ácausing Utash to hit him, whereupon Utash jumped out to help the kid and then was pounced upon and beaten and kicked and pummeled with fists and objects by group of ten or twelve black men who witnessed it. One of them even took a break from the savagery and went to Utash’s truck to rummage through it and steal a few things out of it, including Utash’s wallet. Utash now remains in a medically induced coma at the hospital, his face unrecognizable by his own son.

Hate crime? Don’t be silly. There’s nothing hate-crimey about this at all. The attackers were black, didn’t you read? Blacks are incapable of being racist against whites, because remember the Left’s new arbitrary rule: Racism equals oppression plus power. Blacks certainly have no power in Detroit; they are a minority there, aren’t they? And they especially have no power in a fight in which there are twelve of them against one white oppressor. The white man had the power in that fight. Therefore, even if the Twelve Apostles of Thuggery were motivated by Utash’s pasty-white skin, it was still not a hate crime.

Blacks do not commit hate crimes. Period.


Okay, let’s drop the sarcasm. Of course it was racially motivated. It’s been two days and people are only now starting to wonder if it was? Don’t you just love the benefit of the doubt that’s always granted to black thugs when they attack whites, unprovoked? There’s never any jump to conclusions.

That being said, it still was not a hate crime, and the reason is simple: there are no such things as hate crimes, just as there are no such things as love crimes. Beating someone because he’s white or black is no worse or better than beating someone because you want to rob him.

I think what we’ve learned from this incident is that in areas such as Detroit and other locales of similar demographics; it doesn’t pay to be a good Samaritan. If you accidentally hit a kid with your car, make it a hit-and-run. Unless, that is, you want to be robbed, beaten, and put into a coma.