White House Press Corps Wonders Why the Were Evacuated

The White House Press Corps was forced to evacuate earlier this week because of a supposed bomb threat. However, many questions still remain from the situation. On Tuesday, the press was decidedly agitated believing that something was amiss and that they weren’t being told the whole story. They decided that the best way to figure out what was really going on was to grill the Press Secretary, Josh Earnest.



APRIL RYAN: We’re just feet from your office, feet from the Oval Office and also feet from the residence. There’s a close proximity. Was anyone else told maybe in the residence to move while this was going on? Because it seems like a very serious situation, they had gone in offices, under desks, had dogs come through here. And no one was told to move of shelter in place…

JOSH EARNEST: April, I’m sharing all the information I have with you right now, which is that based on a threat that the Secret Service received from another law enforcement agency, about the press area at the White House, the press are was evacuated for the safety of all of us, and the Secret Service, using resources that they keep here at the complex, were able to quickly search this location and see that it was safe.

As soon as they did we were able to all come back in the room and pick up where we left off.

APRIL RYAN: But they moved us. We went outside to keep us cool. We were out there, you were in the office. They, we went to pebble beach first, and they moved us down to the next building even further back. It wasn’t for coolness it was because of a fear.

So my question is:

With the proximity to everyone here, the seat of power just feet away. They were not moved, but we were moved all the way back. There is something not jiving, not mixing, it just seems odd.