White House on Philadelphia Muslim Cop Shooter: “Certainly One Thing We Can do is to Keep Guns Out of the Hands of People Like Him”

If you recall, there was a man in Philadelphia last week who opened fire on a cop at an intersection, shooting him some 13 times. Even though the cop was severely injured, he took off on foot after 30-year-old Edward Archer and shot him a few times in his arms and buttocks. After Archer has recovered in the hospital, he’ll be charged with aggravated assault, assault of a law enforcement officer, and several other charges related to the gun he used.

Archer pledged his support to ISIS and claimed that he attacked the officer, because they were enforcing laws that were contrary to Islam. He said that he did what he did “for Allah.”

Obviously, the White House is shying away from calling this terrorism, especially since it was an overt Muslim. If it had been committed by a white professing Christian, it would have been called domestic terrorism from the get-go.

At any rate, Josh Earnest seems to think that more gun control laws could have prevented this man from obtaining a gun in the first place. The Blaze reported:

[S]pokesman Josh Earnest was clear that President Barack Obama’s policy to restrict access to guns would be one means to prevent similar incidents.

“It is relevant whether this individual was motivated by demons inside of his own mind or demons he encountered through social media,” Earnest said. “Either way, we want to make sure we are mindful of the steps to mitigate the risk posed by this individuals and those like him across the country. Certainly one thing we can do is to keep guns out of the hands of people like him. Whether it’s someody who planned to carry out a terrorist act or somebody who has significant mental problems shouldn’t be so easily able to get their hands on a guns.”

Here’s the thing. The gun that Archer used was stolen. It was stolen from a Philadelphia cop’s home in October of 2013. This is one of the things we always bring up about gun control. They can enact as many laws as they want, but if a criminal wants to commit a crime, and he wants a gun to help him, he’ll get a gun. He’ll get one from a fellow criminal, or he’ll just steal one.

No executive order from Obama would have prevented Archer from stealing a gun, unless part of the executive order was to prohibit cops from owning guns. I don’t think he wants to go there just yet.