White House Needs a Taller Fence, but the Border Doesn’t!

Border security makes sense.

Sometimes, there is no need for satire, because reality satirizes itself.

What have we learned in the time since a crazy man jumped the White House fence, made it into the building, and caused an unmitigated panic? What did that incident teach us? Well, according to a new report by the Department of Homeland Security, we need a better fence.

A number of common-sense improvements should be explored. For sure, the fence must be taller; even an increase of four or five feet would be materially helpful.”

The report goes on to say that the fence should curve outward at the top, and according to Charlie Spiering of Breitbart:

Currently, the report notes, ‘pranksters’ and the mentally ill’ can easily jump the fence, forcing the Secret Service to make a decision about the use of lethal force. ‘By deterring these more frivolous threats, a more effective fence can minimize the instances when such difficult decision making is required,’ the report notes.”

Given the recommendations for the White House fence following an unwanted intruder crossing the border of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, one wonders what else could be gleaned from such an incident. What other situation shares similarities with this episode? Perhaps a situation of national importance that almost exactly parallels the one that took place at the White House? Intruders entering a space illegally by crossing a man-made border of sorts.

The report includes references to those who could easily jump the fence, such as pranksters, and the mentally ill. But what about drug cartels, sex traffickers, murderers, sex offenders, thieves, criminals, and possibly terrorists? Is there no possibility of them crossing the precious White House border? Oh wait—that’s the southern border of the United States. I forgot, the southern border of the United States has only a partial fence, with wide gaps—essentially rendering the parts of fence that are in place pointless. For you see, when one builds a fence, one generally seeks to make it fully connected, and thus, of actual use—like the fence at the White House.

According to the report, a higher, and more effective fence will deter threats. But I’m not so certain that’s the case. For years, all I’ve heard from the left is that a fence along the southern border would be useless, and not cost effective. According to GlobalSecurity.org:

“…Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said a wall running the length of a border would cost too much. A 2,000 mile state-of-the-art border fence has been estimated to cost between four and eight billion dollars. Costs for a wall that would run the entire length of the border might be as low as $851 million for a standard 10-foot prison chain link fence topped by razor wire. For another $362 million, the fence could be electrified. A larger 12-foot tall, two-foot-thick concrete wall painted on both sides would run about $2 billion.”

There are massive discrepancies between the various estimations of what it would cost to build a state of the art fence along the southern border, but even giving the most generous estimate–$49 billion–the authority, that’s a drop in the bucket. I suppose tacking between $4 to $49 billion ($49 billion being approximately 0.29% of the $17 trillion national debt) would be asking too much.

Besides, according to Texas businessman Gary Jacobs:

“…it doesn’t matter how many fences you build, how high, how thick, if people want to get in they will find a way.”

In essence, let’s just give up. It’s the same argument we’ve heard for years regarding drug legalization. Why are meth and heroin illegal? People will just do them anyway! Well, that’s why we call those people criminals, and that’s why we have prisons–and also a legal system. We don’t reward heroin dealers. We don’t allow them to “come out of the shadows,” and pay some back taxes. We arrest them, and put them in prison. I’m not saying that all illegal immigrants are on the same level as drug dealers, but some indeed are–some are much worse–and the ones that aren’t still broke the law to get here.

We are a nation of laws, and one which has extraordinary resourcefulness. Certainly the challenges of building a fence, or finding another method by which we could secure the border in the areas in which a fence is not feasible, are enormous, but we have the intellect, and the ability to accomplish it. It is merely a question of will. And nearly all Democrats, and most Republicans don’t have the will, because they have a different agenda. They would rather reward illegal immigrants, and keep the borders open in order to allow even more to come here. The elite political class, as well as big business, can benefit greatly from amnestied illegals, and so long as they can profit, they will not build a fence.

A better fence will deter threats. It works for the White House, but apparently not the rest of the country. I guess keeping the president, and the White House staff safe is of greater importance than keeping thieves, drug dealers, sex traffickers, murderers, and terrorists out of our communities, and our country. The safety of the American people means nothing in the face of political profits.