White House Can’t Understand why Race Relations are Worse Now than Before

Foxx News’ Ed Henry stumped White House spokesman Josh Earnest when he asked how the White House felt about the news that a recent poll found that race relations were worse under President Obama than before.

In fact, Henry’s questions even force Earnest to disagree (though he might not agree with this characterization) with his boss, President Obama, about race in America. (Obama recently made the argument that racism is “deeply rooted” in our nation’s history and culture.)


Ed Henry: There is this Bloomberg poll out today saying 53% of Americans saying interactions between white and black communities have deteriorated since the president took office. That would seem to suggest the opposite.

Josh Earnest: Well, Ed, I think that any sort of fair-minded look at history would indicate that the situation that is facing the American people right now is far better than it used to be. That even 40 or 50 years ago we saw situations where local law enforcement officials were systematically applying the law that trampled on the civil rights of minority members of some communities in this country.

Ed Henry: I agree, but this poll is about today and in saying while the country, yes, has made progress, a majority of Americans believe the relation has deteriorated.

Josh Earnest: I guess what I’m saying is the people who are able to step back and dispassionately evaluate the current state of race relations in this country would acknowledge two things. One, is that we’ve made tremendous progress, but they would also readily acknowledge that there’s more important work that needs to be done and this is something the president is committed to.