White House: Assad’s Instagram “Despicable” While Cannibal Terrorists Worthy Of Federal Funding

The Obama Administration has nothing but confidence in its own moral high ground. No matter how deep a pit they dig, they always believe they are astride a mountaintop.

The target of their latest railing fatwa is Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad’s Instagram account. According to the White House, it is “nothing more than a despicable PR stunt.”

Well, when a superpower is trying to kill you for being an evil bad guy, then resorting to Instagram doesn’t sound like a crime against humanity.

I have no doubt that Assad is a brutal dictator who has killed lots of people to stay in power. I know this because I am reasonably certain, if such were not the case, that someone else would have assassinated Assad and would be ruling Syria as a brutal dictator who killed lots of people to stay in power.

But the White House fatwa is stunningly hypocritical:

“It’s repulsive that the Assad regime would use this to gloss over the brutality and suffering it’s causing, that—to see what’s really happening right now in Syria, to see the horrific atrocities in Homs and elsewhere, we would encourage people to take a look at unfiltered photos of what’s actually happening on the ground.”

The Assad regime is “causing” “brutality and suffering” right now?

No that was a year-and-a-half ago. That would be history now except the United States and its allies, in their grand wisdom, publicly declared that Assad’s reign had to end. Having made that hasty and stupid decision in public, they no feel that, no matter what, they have to extend the brutality and suffering forever or until they get their way. They should have minded their own business!

In the meantime, it is not Assad who has posted YouTube videos of committing atrocities against enemy soldiers by slaughtering them after they surrender or even cutting out and eating the heart of an enemy. It is not Assad’s forces who rape Christian women, burn down churches, abduct Christian clergy, and are spreading Islamist theocracy everywhere they can gain control. (I’m sure Assad’s forces are committing atrocities too, but the point is it will be impossible to build a better Syria with such jihadists. We haven’t eliminated atrocities, but doubled them, by supporting these terrorists.)

No, that’s what our side is doing with our support, money, and now weapons.

Assad’s forces are not associated with Al Qaeda and Assad is not sponsoring Al Qaeda associated terrorists.

Again, that’s what the White House is doing.

And in the meantime, the White House is using every PR tool it can to pretend that the troops we sponsor are all safe democratic, secular “freedom fighters”—just like Assad uses Instagram. Except, unlike Assad, no one in the White House is likely to be killed, or have their family members tortured and slaughtered before their eyes, if their side is defeated. I’m not denying such a fate may be God’s just judgment. I am saying it puts an attempted internet PR campaign into some perspective.

In the meanwhile, against the opinion of seventy-five percent of the American public, a Senate majority just voted to send more taxpayer loot and/or public debt to finance a military regime in Egypt. I’m sure that won’t be the cause of any “brutality and suffering.”

Yes, repeat after me, “We are the good guys, we are the good guys, we are the good guys.” Perhaps you can drown out that voice inside your head telling you your government is leading your nation to be “despicable.”