White House Accidentally Reveals Name of Top CIA Spook in Afghanistan

In 2003, members of the Bush administration accidentally leaked the name of Valerie Plame as being a CIA operative. The administration was raked over the coals by the liberal Democrats for the unconscionable leak that endangered Plame and her family’s lives. They claimed that her named was intentionally released because her husband, Joseph C. Wilson, a former US Ambassador to Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe, was openly critical of Bush’s invasion into Iraq. Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, Lewis Libby was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in the case and sentenced to 30 months in prison, which was soon commuted by President Bush.

Eleven years later, someone in the Obama administration accidentally leaked the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan. The leak not only jeopardizes his life but possibly the lives of every CIA operative in his unit. Now I’m waiting to hear the same liberal vultures that swooped in on the Bush administration to do the same to the Obama administration, but seriously doubt it will happen.

According to Newsmax:

“In an embarrassing flub for the White House, the CIA official’s name was included in an email sent to thousands of journalists during President Barack Obama’s surprise Memorial Day trip to Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan.”

“The officer’s name — identified as “chief of station” in Kabul — was included by U.S. embassy staff on a list of 15 senior U.S. officials who met with Obama during the Saturday visit.”

“The list was sent to a reporter for The Washington Post who was representing the news media, who then sent it out to the White House “press pool” list, which contains as many as 6,000 recipients.”

“The officer’s name was being withheld by many news organizations at the request of the Obama administration, who said its publication could put his life and those of his family members in danger.”

“A Google search, however, appeared to reveal the name of the officer’s wife and other personal details.”

“White House officials realized the error when Washington Post White House bureau chief Scott Wilson notified them, and sent out a new list without the station chief’s name.”

“The reporter who distributes the pool report generally sends it to the White House to be checked for factual accuracy and then forwards it to the thousands of journalists on the email distribution list.”

“In this case, the White House failed on at least two occasions to recognize that the CIA official’s name was being revealed and circulated so broadly.”

The Obama administration is starting to receive some criticism but not from the same people that wanted to hang Bush, Cheney and everyone else in the White House back in 2003. Gen. Michael Hayden (USAF-Ret.) served as the Director of National Intelligence and CIA under President George W. Bush told Newsmax:

“It looks like a rookie mistake, but it’s in year six of the administration. It’s a bit stunning. You would never expect to see that in material that’s been made public.”

“The issue is the same.  The issue is revealing the name of someone whose relationship to the CIA is a classified matter. It’s exactly the same thing.”

Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) served as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. In an interview with Newsmax, he said:

“I just classify this as a major blunder by the Obama White House national security staff.”

“I do not know how long this person has been in Kabul, but they’re not going to be there for long. They’ll probably be moved within a couple of days.”

“This is not the president’s first trip overseas. He’s now nearly six years into his presidency, and for an ‘experienced’ staff to be making these kinds of mistakes is pretty inexcusable.”

Will anything happen to those responsible for leaking the identity of the CIA station chief? Will the liberals swoop in on them like they did eleven years ago?

The way Obama and everyone in his administration gets away with breaking the law and doing stupid things, I doubt that anyone will be punished for what could be a deadly slip. Unfortunately, the only blood that may be spilled because of this won’t be in Washington, but possibly in Afghanistan. But the way the White House treated Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, why would we expect anything different.