Where Is Islamic And Media Condemnation For Saudi Arabia And Qatar?

According to the leading experts on “True Islam,” all Muslims should condemn attacks and the killing of American innocents. I suppose that explains the flood of newspaper and internet articles quoting American Imams. Once again, Islamic leaders are busy renouncing another terror attack and offering to help America rid itself of the threat of “radicalized fanatics” who misunderstand accurate interpretations of their Islamic Holy book.

US based Imams like Suhaib Webb from the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center are fervently distancing themselves from the recent Boston terror attack. Appearing contrite, Islamic leaders lined up to help left wing journalists like Mohamed Ghilan of “Aljazeera” and Glen Greenwald of “The Guardian” denounce on one hand, then rationalize on the other, the murders, traumatic amputations and lock down of a US city that followed the Boston Marathon bombings.

As for Mr. Ghilan’s (The Irony of Muslim Terror) and Mr. Greenwald’s (The same motive for anti-US ’terrorism’ is cited over and over), I have to admit I have never read two more brilliantly worded anti-American Islamic propaganda pieces. Both writers claim that Islam—hijacked by fanatics motivated by political agendas, not true Islamic ideology—is a religion of peace. To Ghilan and Greenwald, Islamic terror is an explainable political agenda motivated by revenge for historical atrocities committed during twelfth century European Christian crusades and irresponsible collateral casualties from current US military operations in Muslim nations.

According to Mr. Ghilan, the “True” Islamic faith does not tolerate and condemns murder of innocents. Murder carries the sentence of death in the Muslim world however, Ghilan conveniently forgets to mention so does homosexuality, blasphemy and apostasy. In his Aljazeera Op-Ed, Ghilan condemns the anti- Muslim rhetoric that is flooding our information superhighway fueling the “Islamaphobia” and “bigotry” that unfairly stigmatizes peaceful Muslims. Mr. Greenwald is even more stinging in his criticism of what he characterizes as Christianities anti-Muslim history and irresponsible US aggression in the Muslim world.

However, I do not hear any of them speaking out and condemning the terrorist financing that flows from Saudi Arabia and Qatar the homelands of the very fanaticism they claim to condemn. Nowhere in any of their articles, or the explanations coming from American Muslim leaders, do I hear calls for holding terrors financiers accountable for the spread of Islamic violence plaguing our world.

Of course not.

Why would any “true Muslim” bite the hand that feeds them? “Allah forbid” Imam Webb never gets to see Mecca or Medina again. Moreover, that he doesn’t receive his annual infusion of Saudi money laundered through US based Islamic charities to continue his peaceful work at the mosque (with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood) that masquerades as a “Cultural Center.”

The media here and abroad do not like to talk about this and neither does the US government, but the greatest cause of terrorism is petrodollars from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Salafism, a puritanical branch of Islam is exploding all over our world and the Saudi’s are funding it. Obama and Hillary’s “Arab Spring” has provided the Saudis with many opportunities to feed the operations of violent Salafist groups Saudi Arabia needs to export Saudi Wahhabism, a conservative branch of Sunni Islam practiced by Saudi Arabia’s ruling family. A ruling family that can be very grateful at election time.

President Obama openly supported this “Arab Spring” which destabilized many Gulf states—that had previously contained or eliminated radical Islamist groups—and are now being conquered by the Muslim Brotherhood and it‘s affiliates. Obama’s deliberate actions allow Saudi donations—that now circumvent troubled or defunct Gulf regimes—to flow to Salafists through Muslim charities and shell humanitarian aid organizations. This money eventually finds it way to every corner of the Saudi financed terrorism offensive and jihad perpetrated around the world and in America.

In addition, the US government is busy sending munitions as part of humanitarian aid to the very same conflicts financed by the Saudi’s.

Pro-Islamic anti-American, anti-Christian writers selling appeasement and mandatory contrition to America are nothing more than cowards who fear the very ideology they protect. I cannot say I blame them.  After all, their religion of peace is shy on tolerance when criticized and exacts a heavy price from those that oppose its sinister messaging. Ironically, Mr. Greenwald’s article reveals the harsh realities that await Muslims who defend America’s necessary and yes brutal war with so-called peaceful Islam. Perhaps Mr. Greenwald remembers peaceful Islam’s global calls for the assassination of Muslim turned Christian Salman Rushdie after his critique of “True Islam.”

As a side note, recently, MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews said, and I paraphrase, that he was a Vietnam era American that believes the best policy is for America to leave countries to solve their own internal conflicts. Matthews blames American intervention for much of the violence washing up on our shores. Mr. Matthews like all of his liberal friends is missing the main point. His President, Barrack Hussein Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are in bed with the jihadists and the people that finance acts of terror directed at our citizens.

For anyone who cares, Islam has no intention of going quietly into the night. If American Imams and their congregations wish to co-exist with American Christians and Jews it is going to take a little bit more than penitent promises and a post attack mea culpa printed in the New York Times. It is time the real masterminds of global Islamic terror experience justice. I say we start with Barrack and Hillary.