What’s So Wrong With Interspecies Marriage?

With homosexual “marriage” now so widely accepted, thanks to pop culture’s indoctrination of our pop-culture-obsessed society, deviancy has been defined downward. Standards have been lowered. Traditional morals have been scoffed at and redefined.

In the homosexual community’s attempts to corrupt society, they’ve inadvertently provided the logical argument for those who wish to have their bestiality habits accepted and embraced.

“Two people who love each other ought to be able to get married” is the argument of the homosexuals. Animal-lovers saw that this argument succeeded in persuading society, so now they are using a slightly tweaked version of the argument: “Two beings who love each other ought to be able to get married.”

Keep that in mind.

Today there are people in the LGBT community called transgenders, who create their own reality out of the thin air of emotions by declaring that because they feel that they are the opposite sex, they are the opposite sex. Animal-lovers believe adamantly that the animals they have sex with truly and deeply are in love with them, their owners.

Who are we to say otherwise?

Well, the homosexual community doesn’t like that the other deviants of the human species have hopped onto their “love is all that matters” bandwagon. The argument homosexuals give against interspecies marriage is that the animals can’t give their consent to the marriage. That is their only argument.

Soak that in. The homosexual community believes that the only reason humans should not be allowed to marry the animals they love is because the animals can’t give their consent. If in twenty years we can successfully teach a gorilla the concept of marriage and read its thoughts via some futuristic machine, and the gorilla thinks, “Yes, I want to marry my owner,” then the homosexual community is fine with that. Just ask a homosexual yourself. The only thing they have against a man marrying a sheep is that we don’t know how the sheep feels about it.

Back to the transgender community, who have added another pickle to the issue: if a transgender male can get away with claiming he is a female because he feels female, and a transracial person can get away with claiming he is of another race (yes, those people exist), then couldn’t a transspecies person (yes, those people also exist) claim that because he believes he is, say, a dog, he can actually communicate with his canine lover the idea of marriage, and then tell the rest of us, “Yeah, my bitch girlfriend says she wants to get married. You see her wagging her tail and tapping the floor with her paws, right? That’s what that means. Trust me, I’m transspecies; I’m a dog trapped in a human’s body.”

So if all that matters is consent (according to homosexuals), and if we are the gender/race/species that we feel we are (according to transgenders, transracials, and transspecies), then there is no longer any argument against interspecies marriage.

Yay modernism!