What’s Wrong With “Back-Alley Abortions”?

We often hear that abortions should be safe and rare, but we never receive any explanation for why this should be.

Abortions are a civil right, right? This is what we are told, anyway. And the only thing hurt in an abortion is a “clump of cells.” So why should abortions be rare?

There are those times when abortions are dangerous for the soon-to-be former-mothers-to-be, but the Left doesn’t like to talk about that. Abortions¬†are safe and they should be kept that way, they say.

But I often hear those on the Right agree that although they are opposed to abortion, they want abortion clinics to be sanitary and abortions only to be practiced by professionals. This is in order that the women going in for abortions don’t come out with an infection or, “worse,” don’t come out at all unless it’s in a body bag.

On Wednesday, in fact, I was involved in a focus group with Shugoll Research about the issue of abortion in Virginia. I was one of five men in my group. All but one of us were clearly not fans of the practice. But even those men, the ones against abortion, agreed they wanted abortion clinics to be sanitary and to meet all the same health standards of a hospital.

But why?

If someone comes to my house, let’s say, to kill my family, but I knock him out with a baseball bat and call the police and they come and take him away, do I tell the officer to drive safe as he’s taking my family’s would-be killer away? Am I concerned at all for the safety of someone I believe to be a murderer?

An article at Breitbart opens, “On March 21, a caller to 911 operators in Cleveland, Ohio[,] pleaded for emergency services to save the life of a woman dying from a botched abortion at a local abortion clinic, but rescuers did not arrive in time and the woman soon died.”

Are we supposed to feel bad for this woman? She died while attempting to kill her offspring.

The Left warns that if Roe v. Wade were repealed, back-alley abortions would again become a reality (even though the whole notion of back-alley abortions is largely urban legend). But if that were to happen, my feeling about it would simply be, So? The safer we make abortions, the more we enable them.