What We’re Reading

If you need your daily dose of what’s going on, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s “What we’re reading” at the Last Resistance today…


  • David Gregory doesn’t think the Founding Fathers would approve of what Edward Snowden did, revealing the NSA snooping program. I think the Founding Fathers would be angry it took this long for someone to blow the whistle.


  • A petition filed using the White House’s new online petition system is asking for people to sign up to ban the teaching of Intelligent Design.  That’s bad, but it gets worse – 23,000 people signed up in agreement on the first day the petition was up. Hold on to your 1st Amendment folks… this could be a bumpy ride.


  • The British equivalent of the Girl Scouts is dumping their vow to “love God”, instead they will now be “true to themselves”.


  • Agra giant Monsanto continues to find new ways to be “The Bad Guy”. Monsanto gives capitalism a bad name because people think that Monsanto operates within a “capitalist” model… it does not. Monsanto is the epitome of corporatism – a business joining with the government to gain power over its sector of the economy. Monsanto has bribed its way to the top, buying politicians the way a normal person buys groceries – it’s time the general public stand up to the Monsanto’s of the world and refuse to buy their products.


  • The Left is not as upset with Obama’s attacks on personal liberty as you’d think (or at all).brazil-confed-cup-protests.jpeg-1280x960



  • Things are so bad in Brazil that even soccer icon Pele is no longer safe from attack.



  • File this last one under “ridiculous celebrities”: Rap mogul Kanye West and famous for nothing Kim Kardashian just welcomed their first child into the world and gave her the name… North West. From what I hear, the infant is having her lawyer draw up paperwork for emancipation.