What We’re Reading on June 25, 2013

Everyone needs a shortcut sometimes which is why we’re here! Here are some clickable links to what we’re reading on June 25, 2013, so you don’t have to scour the web looking for things to read. No thanks necessary, the pleasure is ours.

  • A professor at a Columbia State Community College forced her students to support gay rights for a grade and told them “that anyone who still believes in traditional marriage is just an uneducated bigot who attacks homosexuals with hate.”




  • Ireland is perhaps the strictest pro-life nation in the world, and yet it is also one of the safest in the world to be a pregnant woman. This simple truth flies in the face of the lies that the pro-choice left tries to peddle about abortion and women’s safety.



  • Massachusetts voters head to the polls today, they’ll be voting to see who will replace Secretary of State John Kerry as Senator from the Bay State.jayleno1-lg


  • Weren’t we supposed to be negotiating with the Taliban? So why are they still attacking us?


  • At least Jay Leno can still be counted on to take a few good shots at our impotent President!