What We’re Reading June 28, 2013

The Internet can quite often become a rabbit hole of information consuming us the users just like Alice descending into Wonderland.

Here at Eagle Rising we’d like to offer you a map to the wild world of daily news gathering – here’s what we’re reading on this Friday, June 28, 2013.

When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, Justice Kennedy’s opinion was written more as an assault on traditional marriage believers than as an explanation of their opinion.

President Obama wants to pass a law forcing the states to recognize gay marriages.

Charles Krauthammer opines that in two simple actions the Court has made gay marriage in America “inevitable.”

The Media falls all over itself to support bro-abortion Texas State Senator, gives no time to pro-life advocates.

Congress is trying to find out if the Department of Health and Human Services did anything to pressure the NFL or NBA into promoting Obamacare.

You can’t just “throw people away” when they make mistakes.

Alec Baldwin uses Twitter as his method of spewing insanity…again.

Arrest of ex-NE Patriot Aaron HernandezA retired Marine General is the target of a probe searching for the source of the STUXNET leaks.

Albert Einstein’s Bible is auctioned off for almost $70,000.

An inordinate amount of NFL stars have been arrested since the Super Bowl.

Did you miss the NBA draft last night? Well, here is a complete breakdown of how it all happened.