What We’re Reading June 27, 2013

The internet is a deep pool of seemingly never-ending news, politics, current events, and human interest stories. Who has the time to wade through all of that information and find anything useful? Well, besides us…?

Instead of you doing all that work – here are links to what we’re reading today June 27, 2013.


He conquered the wrestling world, and now it’s time to conquer the out of control leviathan that is government.


South African icon Nelson Mandela is on life support.


Texas Republicans will try again to pass legislation that will severely restrict abortion in their state.


President Obama thinks that climate change deniers are “flat-earthers.”


Justice Scalia argues that with their ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act yesterday, the Supreme Court declared traditional marriage advocates “enemies of the human race.


Democrats proved yesterday that they are nothing but political opportunists – many of those cheering the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA, voted for it years ago.


Most offensive news of the day – 26% of Obama supporters think the Tea Party is the nations biggest terror threat.


Most voters are against our government getting involved in Syria.


Who does affirmative action actually help and what does it cost?billandbarack


The DC gives us seven different ways that Obama has “completely undone” the eight years President Clinton spent in office.


If there is nothing to see in the IRS scandal as Democrats keep claiming, then why do all of these IRS officials keep taking the 5th?