What We’re Reading June 26, 2013


There’s so much stuff out on the web how could you ever find the really good stuff?

No worries, we here at the Last Resistance are ready, willing and able to do the searching for you.

Here’s what we’re reading today, June 26, 2013.



There is growing disquiet in China as another riot sees lives lost and anger with the local police.


The state of Texas is in the headlines for defending conservative principles again. Texas is looking better and better.


Local police are now using gun buy-back programs to beef up their bottom line.


President Obama is waging a war against the economy.


A New England Patriot’s player is led from his home in handcuffs as police seek to question him in a murder investigation.


A white Minnesota Democrat has apologized for a tweet calling Justice Thomas, “Uncle Thomas”, after his opinion against the Voting Rights Act.


On MSNBC Justice Thomas is compared to a Jewish version of Hitler for his views on the Voting Rights Act.crossfire_large


CNN is rebooting “Crossfire” in hopes to boost their faltering ratings.


Massachusetts has elected Democrat Ed Markey to fill the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.