What We’re Reading July 6, 2013

Happy Saturday y’all!

Hopefully this post finds you relaxing at home and enjoying the internet at your leisure. We know you’d rather spend your time watching sports or playing with the kids, so why not let us do the thankless work of scouring the internet to find you the most important stuff to check out.

So without any further ado here’s what we’re reading today July 6, 2013.

The guys at Godfather Politics, tongue firmly planted in cheek, tell us that we should support pro-abortion women who decide not to have sex with their partners.

Why can’t atheists find other atheists to support atheist causes?

Nicaragua and Venezuela are both extending offers of asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker just signed tough new abortion restrictions into law. WootWoot!!

John Kerry was out yachting while the Egyptian government was being overthrown. When asked about it… his spokespeople lied about where he was and what he was doing. Then someone showed the State Department pictures of John Kerry on his boat… and whoops…


John Kerry WindsurfingHow many times are we going to allow the government to lie to us before we decide to change our government?

Liberal website claims that the GOP Governors are “salivating” at the thought of rapes in Cairo.

Your job might stink but at least you don’t have to do this.

This guy gives new meaning to stupid criminal.