What We’re Reading July 5, 2013

Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day, it’s always fun to celebrate our divorce from the British Empire.

Even though we were enjoying a holiday here in the U.S. of A. there was still a lot of newsworthy stuff going on around the world.

We know that most of you are probably busily back at your “day” job, so we thought we’d help you find the most important (to us) material to read.

Here’s what we’re reading this Friday July 5, 2013.

President Bush continues to exemplify the way a President should act in retirement. No wonder his poll numbers have seriously rebounded.

Wendy Davis may be considering a run at the Texas Governor’s Mansion, but it’s probably not the best idea.

Uh-ohs. Governor Scott Walker supports a path to citizenship for illegals, hopefully for him, he means after we secure the border. Otherwise, he is going to have some very angry Republicans on his hands.

Tea Party groups are beginning to reform and re-energize to fight the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill.

The Obama administration tried to encourage reporters that they to write negative stories about Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA).

A really, really old and frail lady doesn’t want to quit. No, it’s not me. I am a young and virile man. I was talking about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

mouseScientists just grew a human liver in a mouse. Boo-yah.

Wow. The Democrats just canceled the Independence Day fireworks show in Washington, DC due to budgetary woes. This is so ridiculous that I’m at a loss for words…

At least Joey Chestnut won’t let us down. He just took home his 7th straight Hot Dog Eating title. Way to go Joey, thanks for keeping the title here at home. Also, thanks for not losing due to budget issues.